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    Posted on May 11th, 2018 Becky 4 comments


          The “Where’s Lloyd – Have you seen our missing Congressman?” bus showed up outside the LNP offices today as Smucker was being interviewed by the LNP editorial board (click here).
         You can see the bus out the window on LNP’s live-stream (below) and a friend happened to be driving by and caught the below picture of the bus parked by the LNP offices (thank you!).
         What an absolute Schmuck Lloyd is!

               And speaking of the LNP editorial board, Suzanne Cassidy, the opinion editor, is simply one of the biggest liars and hypocrites to walk through the LNP doors – and that’s saying a lot! I could point to editorial after editorial about domestic violence but today I will just link to the one below and there will be much more coming (click here).

         And this is a notice to a certain attorney: It takes a lot to scare me and you don’t scare me – but I’d be damned careful what you put in writing again because you may lose all of your clients and any potential clients and your license to practice law.

    Have a great Friday!



         Is LNP going to report on the Temporary Protection From Abuse Order against Lancaster City Police Officer Jonathan Caple? Does the public have a right and a need to know?
         LNP and their The Caucus publication wrote article after article about Pennsylvania State Representative Nick Miccarelli and his alleged abuse of two women – but they won’t report on a Lancaster City Police Officer? Why? Demand answers! It is their job to hold public officials accountable and protect the public!
    Please check back later today.


    4 responses to “AFTERNOON UPDATE – SERVE & PROTECT?”

    1. I’m not sure why no mention by the P. Maybe the big dirt road story or their call for berry recipes story took more column inches than they anticipated.

    2. LNP will not investigate anything of consequence that may disparage vibrant, robust downtown.

    3. I cannot believe they’re asking between 3 and 400,000.00 for a 2-bedroom condo in one of those rehabbed bldgs in that robust downtown! Can you imagine moving here and paying that, and then finding out what a corrupt shithole you just got yourself into? OMFG!

    4. Well Anon, at least you can sign up for high speed fiber-optic internet through the city if you buy one of those groovy pads. Oh, wait…