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     I am not a tax attorney(!), but can someone explain to me how LNP owner Beverly (“Peggy”) Steinman can use her federally tax-exempt foundation to give what amounts to $30,000 bonuses to her employees?



       Cedano-Ramirez was charged with riot with intent to prevent or coerce official action, reckless driving and driving while operating privilege is suspended or revoked. 
From the LNP story, “4 arrested Thursday evening in Lancaster city after traffic stop goes awry,” (click here).
     His preliminary hearing was held on Monday before District Judge Jodie Richardson and now there is no indication he was ever charged with a felony count of “riot” on his docket. I called the judge’s office today and the woman who answered said that charge was amended by the Assistant District Attorney to “Disorderly Conduct-Unreasonable Noise” (see his docket below).
     He pleaded guilty to all the charges and was assessed a fine of $622.25. From “Riot” to “Unreasonable Noise.” Hmmm…   


**   …We had to have our trial postponed due to time and I confronted Ms. Bleecher about not using my witness or all the hard evidence and she withdrew from my case leaving me with no one. I pleaded before the judge that she should not be able to abandon me mid trial all because I want her to use my witnesses and hard evidence and he said he (the judge) can do whatever he wants. So without reason she was allowed to abandon me mid trial. 
From the same review of attorney Melissa Bleecher as below.
     Apparently this is what Ms. Bleecher does to a lot of her desperate clients – withdraws! Unbelievable!


*    …Even if she is given to you free as she was with me due to filing a PFA DON’T take her. While in the waiting room to go into trial she was rude and very flippant with me. When she left the room the other ladies waiting to go into their trial with Ms. Bleecher said they disliked her and she’s rude and one of the ladies said “I actually had to tell her to start fighting for me and not my ex”.
Terrible, Terrible Lawyer-

From one of two very, very negative reviews for attorney Melissa Bleecher on (click here).
     Domestic Violence Services of Lancaster needs to up their game and hire competent and caring attorneys! Bleecher told the victim in the Caple case from the beginning that she was could not win because he is a police officer and needs his gun for his employment. Absolutely disgraceful!




                        Jonathan Caple                   Gary Efstration

      “My client has been tried and convicted in the press,” Jonathan Caple’s attorney, Gary Efstration, angrily told Judge Jeffrey Conrad in court yesterday.
     Your client, Mr. Efstration, is a policeman who is paid by the public to protect and serve them. And the public has strongly voiced their opinion that Caple abuses his power and uses his badge to harass the public. There needs to be a method for the public to have a voice about abusive police officers other than on social media after his former fiancé has filed a Protection from Abuse order against him.
    And after sitting in the courthouse for over two hours yesterday, her PFA hearing was again continued because she and her attorney, Melissa Bleecher, could not agree on the use of a tape recording she made of him on the phone yelling and screaming at her and threatening to smash in her face. 
 Click here for LNP’s, “PFA hearing involving Lancaster city officer continued,” and check back later today.

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  1. Ohwellist, thank you so much for your kind and positive words. Becky mys hero, you are voice of so many who have and continue to be ignored. Be bless always.


  2. Ohwellist says:

    Rosa im sorry to hear that smh u may never get justice but u at least made a huge step and fought like hell to bring it to the light also made everyone aware of situation. For that alone much respect for u.

    Anonymous thats some very good info to know…

  3. Anon says:

    What’s amazing is that the DA threatened to file ethics charges against Conrad several times while he was in private practice. And Conrad talked so disparagingly about Stedman and the unholy goings on in the DA’s office. But then when he decided to become a judge he crawled right up Stedman’s butt and wrote that famous letter supporting Stedman. How can he possibly rule against a member of the Chief Law Enforcement Officer’s posse in favor of a chick?

  4. Anonymous says:

    “chicks” is the least of it. If Caples EVER appeared as a witness in a case prosecuted by Conrad, Conrad needs to recuse or, at the least, disclose that relationship. Report him to the JCB and demand an unbiased judge who doesnt allow a lawyer to abandon a client. And report Blecch! to the ODC. Then purchase a gun to protect yourself while you pack your shit and MOVE. I know what Im talking about.

  5. Dear Ohwellist, in 2007 a advocate by the name of Diane Wetendorf politely shared with me I would lose my case against a PA State Trooper who dragged me with his State Police car and left me in the middle of the road. The case was held in Lancaster, PA court. She was right :(!

  6. The hell with it, no matter what many will call her a liar, and why it’s because he is a cop/officer of the law :(. When we speak up, we are judged, when we are silent we are still judged. Becky, please continue to post. I may have not received justice but…God how I pray she does. Thank you again.


  7. Ohwellist says:

    This is a damn shame! Not only does Bleecher tell her she wont be winning but judge also allows Bleecher to withdraw smh. Its a set up for her. I could only imagine how alone and stuck this woman is feeling smh already endured so much with this asshole.If I was left in that desperate situation i will have no choice but to defend myself at all costs even if it involves taking his gun and using it on him. Somebody some day will have to take these women serious. The old chief was an abuser himself of course they didnt do a damn thing even after threatening her with his gun. I hope she continues to follow through this time. Idk if she can do some kind of complaints on judge & Bleecher. This sh!t shouldnt be allowed. Corrupt o’ Lancaster smh

  8. WTF? says:

    I’m sure you believe that. I’d have to hear from BOTH sides before I formed an opinion. Your definition of what constitutes harrassment May differ from mine. Political favoritism comes into play when wealthy allies get involved n’est pa? Bet you’re OK with that if they’re on your side.:-)

  9. Anonymous says:

    This poor woman sounds like she may really be screwed. An attorney who is described as rude and with questions about who she’s really fighting for. On top of that, a judge who routinely referred to women as “chicks.” Not a good combination.

  10. huh? says:

    PS BTW, in the case that I know of where VAWA discovered that they were being schnookered by the woman who falsely accused her innocent husband, once they discovered she was lying and had used them to destroy her husband, what did VAWA do?

    Well, they stepped away from the entire debacle. Instead of stepping up and stepping in to right the wrong that they did to her husband… they walked away. Dumped their lying client but refusing to publicly admit that she ruined an innocent man.

    So, as I said in my last post, the man is often just hung out to dry. VAWA does NOT do the right thing when they really should. And it boils down to gender.

  11. huh? says:

    That’s okay WTF. I’ve seen lying on both sides. What is wrong about this in my humble opinion regarding VAWA is that it does not include all genders who have been abused.

    If you are an abused man, you are basically on your own. And if that abuse includes your spouse lying and putting you in the ‘bad guy’ position and VAWA is spending time and money to protect the abuser you don’t stand a chance.

    If you are an abused woman, PFA doesn’t mean squat. And it appears that in this woman’s case, Caple’s accuser, that she is met with no one wanting to defend her because it means that the attorney will have to go up against not only her accuser but the entire police industrial complex as well.

  12. WTF? says:

    But wait huh? The father’s rights folks say VAWA is overfunded and a waste of taxpayer money. Members of both genders sometimes lie. Some just can’t accept not having complete control of their kids. Sickos. There oughta be some sort of mental examine before you’re allowed to procreate. Bring on the commie comments.

  13. huh? says:

    She will have to hire her own attorney and pay through the nose for doing so. That is the sad reality for clients who get VAWA kind of ‘free’ attorneys.

    In fact, from a friend’s experience in this whole PFA, VAWA, ‘men are always guilty’ arena, the attorneys take only the easiest cases where they can grind innocent men into the ground.

    Yes, I do believe that there are women who falsely accuse men but in this Caple case, it’s obvious that this brute is protected at so many levels that his accuser doesn’t stand a chance.

    And as we all know, he will still have his job even if the city council fires him. Just like Dickinson did.

    Lancaster is a cesspool.

  14. Anonymous says:

    As I said on here, she will have a difficult, if not impoosible time finding a lawyer who advocates for HER. PA HATES whistleblowers, cops, D-A’s AND judges included. She was intelligent enough to find a lawyer. But onbviously smart enough to fire her lawyer, as well. She probably cannot afford to HIRE a lawyer, and if pro se, they will play games with her until she gives up. Or worse. I have been there.