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    Posted on May 3rd, 2018 Becky 6 comments

         I have been busy and remiss in sending the city Right to Know requests for payments to law firms regarding MAW Communications. I will send them tomorrow and document them here.

    **   The below was posted on Lancaster Online under the MAW story. This man deserves all the credit in the world for speaking the truth to city council twice! Yes, an investigation is required.

    *    A note about Jennifer Todd and her LNP story from yesterday –
          I received an email confirming what I thought to be true (thank you!):
          Jennifer Todd quit LNP last year and moved out of state.
          Yes, I believe she and her husband (former LNP sports reporter Jason Fulginiti) moved to South Carolina some months ago.
           So, LNP ran this big front page story about unsolved murders and doing an “occasional series” and the first murder they covered – Hector Ortiz Fuentes who was killed in August of 2009 – was written months ago. Unbelievable! What a sick joke!


    (Click here)

         From the article:
         It says MAW must send a notice to LanCity customers that their internet service “may be disrupted without further notice” and must follow up with individual customers as appropriate.
         This over $5 million disaster just keeps rolling along and no one is being held accountable!  This is simply unbelievable! Where is your “community newspaper” and “watchdog,” LNP? How much hush money has MAW paid LNP? 
    Please check back later today.



    1. Same stupid picture of those smiling MAW techs. Do you think they are really techs or models dressed as techs? Romantically involved? I think we should try and track them down and get both their resumes and their side of the story. Any comment Madame Mayor?

    2. I was thinking that when I saw them use the picture again – making illegal installations, LOL! Yes, someone should track them down and see if the are “real.”

    3. Of course no comment from Mayor Clone. First, the P would have ask her for one, and second, she’d have to give one.

    4. Will the citizens EVER find out who brought MAW into the picture and who gave them a contract without ever putting it up for bids?

    5. As I said from the beginning… this aint no silicon valley and maw is run by some geek who still lives with his parents in their basement.

    6. Anonymous: probably most definitely true. So you would think that the LNP would want to get to the bottom of this hire and find out exactly just who brought them to the table and who pushed for contracting with them. See, that is what really pisses me off – they are filling the newspaper’s coffers and therefore the newspaper is tied up with them. And any story as to how this mess originated will put the LNP straight into the story’s crosshairs. So as always, LNP has its ten foot pole at the ready.

      But hey it’s prom time. All those pics with disabled comments. And in a couple of weeks, the Sertoma Barbeque. Those staff writers have their hands full (and their brains empty)