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    Posted on May 31st, 2018 Becky 6 comments


         In early 2015, LNP reporter Tom Knapp went on a month’s long rant about me on his Facebook page. One of his multiple posts is above. I think we can cross out “lazy” in the unsolved murders of Juanita Chevalier and Roxanne Myers. I think we can go with corrupt! Who are they protecting?
         The families of these two victims deserve far better than what you gave them, Tom! They deserve to know that the police are doing everything possible to solve these horrific murders! They deserve justice! And that is obviously not being done!
         There is a reason I call for outside help on these murders. Because absolutely no one is holding these police accountable and that is never a good thing! That is your job, Tom, but you aren’t doing it and LNP has not done it for years!

    —  I sent a second request this afternoon to DA spokesman Brett Hambright asking why a simple DNA test has not been done to determine if these two women have the same killer.
    —  I left a voicemail this afternoon for East Hempfield Township police Sgt. Matthew Pohle asking the same question.

    There will be more tomorrow.



    Posted as a comment under his story on Lancaster Online, “Unsolved: Police seek justice for 2 women slain in 1990s, hope new technology might generate leads,” (click here).

         Um…Tom – Are you aware that you can submit two DNA samples to see if they are the same person? That doesn’t take a lot of “expertise!” They’ve been doing that for years! So why wouldn’t the police do this simple test after all these years to finally answer the question: Is the killer of these two women the same man?
    Please check back later today.



    1. Here’s the deal with the reporters at the LNP. They are woefully uninformed and uninterested in learning more about DNA and ancestral and genealogy websites. For that matter, they are just woefully and willfully ignorant.
      Knapp in particular reported on a woman who was searching for her biological parents. In the story, the woman did not know that she could submit her DNA for matching. She mentioned to Knapp that only people who committed crimes had their DNA on file. Knapp obviously didn’t know anything about DNA matching, searching, etc. because he reported what she said and didn’t know anything about how DNA works nowadays.
      It took commenters under the story to inform the woman of what was available to her and she finally did find out who her parents were. A reporter should be at the very least knowledgeable about a topic they are reporting. Knapp was not and had no business reporting on her story.
      Same went for the story of the unclaimed remains that were recently interred in a mass grave. They listed the people’s name that the coroner gave them. Did they search further to find out if any of the cremains belonged to veterans? NO. And their follow up stories ignored the fact that commenters under the story berated them and the coroner for not doing their job. After all, veterans can receive a free military funeral. There are FREE online indexes of Pa. veterans. Four names appeared on that list. And then a fool from the coroner’s office was interviewed later on and bragged about all the work they put in to track down which were veterans. And put a list of those he “found” and even that list did not include a veteran whose ashes sat unclaimed despite the fact that the daughter of that veteran had told the coroner’s office that he was a veteran and should be buried in a Veteran’s cemetery. Instead the ashes sat there for years. Only because someone tracked down the daughter and son-in-law and instructed them on what they needed to do were her father’s ashes finally properly interred. And his name was “conveniently” left out of the final article written about the burials a few weeks ago.
      I feel very sorry for regular people who sit for years trying to learn the fate of their murdered loved ones and take the police etc. at their word that they are doing everything possible. I feel very angry that the local piece of shit newspaper is more about kissing asses than taking names. More concerned about protecting Martin’s sister than holding the LPD’s feet to the fire for Erma Kaylor.
      If EVER a newspaper needed a science consultant or a writer with half a brain for science, the LNP would be first on the list. But then again, when it comes to science, that poor person would have to navigate all the false idols before being allowed to report the facts.

    2. huh? – I understand what you’re saying and I’m familiar with the cases you cite. But no one can be this uninformed on DNA and be in the news business! No one! This is not finding a distant or close relative. This is are they the same person!!!

    3. I wasn’t giving them​ an ounce of credit. His reply about it being beyond his expertise is such a freaking copout. That way he can avoid going up against the DA and the LPD. Play stupid. Reminds me of how that fat Nazi on Hogan’s Heroes always said “I know nothing. Nothing.”

      Any news on the Philadelphia PO box? Have​ the locals lost their jobs? Wonder who is picking up the mail?

    4. OnTheBeachByNoon

      That ANYTHING “is beyond the scope of my expertise” is one of the stupidest things I have EVER heard a reporter say! I cannnot even believe he put that in print! We dont care about YOUR expertise. YOU are supposed to ask questions of…you know…EXPERTS. Don’t you know what you do for a living??!!! OMG!

    5. Becky, this is where I happen to agree with you. There is a real lack of common sense among many of the reporters there. Combine that with laziness and the potential for a poor product increases exponentially. I honestly do not believe it is turning a blind eye as much as no real curiosity beyond the primary issue. I know you were not fond of Chip Smedley or Gil Smart but at least they cared enough to ask questions beyond the basic scope. But alas we now get many writers more concerned with the time clock than the pressing issues which plague or community.

    6. When it comes to anyone on the P, I vote “Lazy”