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     Was this really necessary? The man made a mistake, paid for it, and spent the rest of his life doing good. Plenty of other people have walked the same path but weren’t given the walk of shame by LNP after they passed.
A comment posted on Lancaster Online under the LNP story, “James B. Christian, co-founder of United Chem-Con, dies at 64,” (click here).
     The commenter above is much more restrained than I am going to be. This is the most racist thing LNP has run in a long time! This was on this morning’s front-page in the print edition with “minority” in the opening sentence (see below). This is sheer racism and LNP doesn’t like “successful minority entrepreneurs!” No, that is exclusively for white folks in Lancaster County. We can’t have any blacks or Hispanics or Asians being successful entrepreneurs! Horrors!
     Where is the NAACP? Where is the Lancaster City Human Relations Commission? When are they going to call out the unbelievably racist LNP and tell the public to boycott them?


*    A quick note – if Tony Dastra and his team live-stream this meeting, I will report on it on Saturday. LNP reporter Tim Stuhldreher makes no mention in this article of Randy Patterson not having read Gene Aleci’s report and Aleci pointedly handing him a copy of it during Tuesday’s meeting.
     Click here for, “City Council will meet Saturday, may reopen Water Street Mission warehouse demolition vote.”



     I found the below by “accident” when I did a search for the Lancaster City Police Department’s Twitter account. It’s amazing what you find on the internet and this woman made a public post she wants people to read so I’m posting it here:


  1. aka says:

    No one mention his wife, Joyce. McCaskey H.S. sweetheart.

  2. Interested says:

    I knew him peripherally. I was not a fan. What this story does not even mention is the fact that he had accounts at several downtown stores and would go as far as sending in friends and business associates to buy merchandise (shoes and clothing) on his account thus running up tabs of literally tens of thousands of dollars which were never paid. If you ask me they (LNP) went easy on him.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Wow. You will stretch the racism card to no limits and again, you hurt those who truly call out racism and fight against it.

    Christian, Guerin, and the rest of these sleaze bags destroyed the lives of many people. I know of three people who gave up good paying, steady, jobs, to work for this company only to lose it all.

    It is not racist to write about the misdeeds he committed and how he ruined peoples lives.

  4. Stedman Stinks says:

    ‘huh?’ As a businessman, Christian was a fraud. He and McCain’s wrongdoings are nowhere near comparable. A more equal comparison to Christian would be Bernie Madoff. I’m sure Madoff did some good in his life but when he dies, you best believe the first words mentioned about him will be: “Bernie Madoff, the Wall Street investor who swindled billions of dollars from his clients…”

  5. huh? says:

    I just saw the PO Box in Philly comment. Yes, Becky, that is a big deal. Wonder if people in accounting are being laid off and the bookkeeping being farmed out to a contractor in Philly?

    Layoffs often signify that corporate is thinning the herd to pad the bottom line to look more inviting to buyers. IIRC, wasn’t there a layoff of some sort not long ago?

    • Becky says:

      huh? – the big layoff came in January of 2017 – from Dan Nephin’s twitter:

      No longer @ @LancasterOnline. Laid off in reorg w/ @ dozen others on 1.9.17. Folo them for news, me for irreverence, running, reinvention.

      Since then, though, there has been a lot of attrition and I don’t think many have been replaced:

      Kara Newhouse
      Susan Baldrige
      Jennifer Todd
      Michael Deibert
      Rich Manieri

  6. huh? says:

    … and when John McCain dies, you won’t see “colluded with his second wife to hide her drug addiction and in that process ruined the life of an innocent man whose name she used to forge the prescriptions with.”

    And you won’t see, “when faced with the possibility of arrest and prosecution, McCain hid his wife in a rehab center and refused to give authorities the name of the place but instead pronounced it a private family matter.”

    No. No one will lead with those FACTS.

    The LNP LED with a take down.

    I wonder if it was because they were just proud little peahens when they “broke” the story (as if there is any competing media outlet in town to one up them).

    Nothing wrong with including what happened. But to lead with it sucks.

    Just like in the gay husband of a certain newspaper maven when he died. LNP did not lead with “at one time a Fire Island regular and Key West denizen, he married a certain owner of a certain newspaper so that she would have someone to hold her hair back while she puked over the side of the cruise ship.”

  7. Stedman Stinks says:

    This was back in the 1970s. There weren’t many successful Black businessmen in Lancaster (or anywhere for that matter). Successful White businessmen have been around since the beginning of time (why would you need to mention that in print). So, yeah it was a big deal to see ‘one of us’ break through and make it.

    Side note: My employer advertises in LNP. Payments for their invoices had always been mailed directly to them on King Street. Attached to our latest invoice was a notice to update their new remittance address: a PO Box in Philly. I don’t know if that means anything.

  8. Stedman Stinks says:

    I read the story this morning. I saw nothing racist about it. The guy was once a prominent businessman who turned out to be a fraud. The good things he did in the present doesn’t erase what he had done in the past. Suppose you were to replace Christian with the CEO of Armstrong. NO ONE would have had a problem with what was written.

    • Becky says:

      Why would they say minority in the opening sentence? If they wrote about the CEO of Armstrong would they say a successful white entrepreneur?