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    Posted on May 18th, 2018 Becky 5 comments


         This email in late this afternoon (thank you!):
         With considerable interest, I read your LIP article about the ‘after hours’ auto repairs reported at the new city garage at the former Farmer’s Supply building.  I can confirm this ‘hidden in plain sight’ enterprise has been going on for many years and many insiders at city hall are aware of it have personally reaped benefits from it as an under-the-table ‘perk’ of their employment.  It is a carry-over from the old city garage operations on Fairview Avenue.  (That facility was abandoned in place primarily due to the city’s chronic ignorance of even the most basic preventative maintenance – yet another failing of the Gray administration.)
         I will try to follow-up on this. So much corruption – so little time!
         LIP News will not publish tomorrow but will be back on Sunday.
         Have a good and safe Friday and please keep everyone connected to the Santa Fe High School in your thoughts and prayers.


    *   The below message was sent this morning to State Senator Scott Martin and Ryan Aument through their website contact pages (click here for Martin and here for Aument). Also, write them and demand an investigation into this over $5 million fraud:

    State Senator Scott Martin,

    According to invoices from the Cohen Law Group, you received a letter from the PUC in February or March of 2017 regarding  the MAW Communications broadband project  (LanCity Connect) and the use of water funds for it. Could you please share that letter with the public who have paid over $5 million dollars so far for this project.

    Please email it to me at

    Becky Holzinger
    Editor, www.lipnews


    WELL OVER $100,000

         The full invoice for March 2017 from the Cohen Law Group is below. Barry Handwerger is an attorney with the city’s law firm of Zimmerman, Pfannebecker, Nuffort & Albert, LLP (click here). 
          Not only is the Lancaster firm “reviewing” the invoices from the Cohen Law Group and Best Best & Krieger to make sure they are legitimate and reasonable, they are also deeply involved in the negotiations. So the city has three law firms involved in defending MAW Communications! Unbelievable.
         And why is Lancaster General Hospital involved?
    Please check back later today.



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      Wow…Good finds. I think a right to know for the PUC letter to the state senators referenced is warranted.

      As for LGH, I believe it was mentioned off-hand in an article that they utilized lancity connect. My speculation is that they demanded a meeting to get assurances the network would be reliable/negotiate price, etc prior to agreeing to switch/continue use. The million dollar question is has whatever the city told LGH in the meeting “aged well.”

    2. If LGH is connected to LancCity, I would imagine that a lot is on the line for them… especially depending on how they use it.

      Do they use it for transmitting confidential medical records and the like? With this MAW thing, it is not only impossible to find out who brought this shitstorm of a company to Lancaster but for the average reader, me, it is difficult to figure out just what LancCity is doing right now for business subscribers.

      Are they merely a sort of “cloud” for LGH to store records? Are they connected somehow to the internet for ??? kind of things? Since they have been pulled off of the PPL poles, just what and how do they do work for subscribers now? Is it through a third party?

      In my own meager research, there are well established companies who offer the same kind of service to rural communities and they have all of their i’s dotted and their t’s crossed.

      If there isn’t collusion between someone and MAW to have brought them to Lancaster, I’ll eat my hat. And since they KNOW that Becky is on their case, I can imagine that the genesis of MAW’s connection to the city is by now very well hidden from view.

    3. I think I will go directly to State Senators Ryan Aument and Scott Martin and ask them to share with the public the letter the PUC sent to them. I will post the emails to them here later today.

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      The most information I have been able to find regarding “how did MAW come to LANC?” was buried in this podcast.

      The interviewer pretty much straight up asks Patrick Hopkins and the MAW guy that question. It’s been awhile since I listened, but the response was generally – Mayor Gray was always interested pursuing municipal broadband immediately from his initial election and MAW approached the city as being able do it. But back in 2004 city finances were not in a position to do this. When finances could support this project (2014-2015ish) the city had built a great degree of “trust” with MAW through continuing correspondence over the past 9 years.

      If you listen and better describe the response go for it. I may have missed some context.

    5. ——————- Thank you. It’s a start.