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    Posted on May 10th, 2018 Becky 2 comments

    *     A quick note about Lancaster Online’s lead story for several days, “Man who died after being shot by Manheim Township police officer was arraigned Friday on child sex abuse charges,” (click here).
           I saw his arrest on CrimeWatch and was surprised by how explicit it is (click here). It is brutally honest with what they allege he did. What do you think?



         From LNP’s full page ad for themselves in Sunday’s print edition.

          Give it a rest, Robert! You have not earned the public’s trust!
          How much is MAW Communications paying you to stay silent on the huge, expensive, criminal fraud they are perpetrating on the public? How much?
    Where is LNP’s code of journalism ethics, Robert?

    Please check back later today.


    2 responses to “* HOW MUCH IS MAW PAYING LNP?”

    1. Regardless of folks’ politics here, Krasne is employing a tactic and strategy that the president uses to great success. Saying something over and over and over until the truth fades into the background.

    2. OntheBeachByNoon

      You are very intuitive, and “brutally honest” is an excellent choice of words.
      “Crimewatch” is NOT an “honest” police blotter as journalists know (real) police blotters to be.
      It is a tool used by police administrators to slander and defame, create false personas against innocent people, and otherwise twist the truth to their own agenda, under the guise that it is “journalism”.
      It is every bit as much of a way to distribute “fake news”, or otherwise control and manipulate the news media (and, therefore, the public), as is encrypting police radio transmissions.
      You will remember that when D.A. Craig Stedman held a news conference to announce the use of Crimewatch in Lancaster County, he actually claimed that if there is a terrorist attack here, journalists would find out about it first by reading it on Crimewatch! That is so stupid of a comment and fundamentally disrespectful and ignorant of the work that real journalists do, as to be disingenuous, at best.
      At that same news conference, Manor Township Police Chief Todd Graeff called Crimewatch, “Facebook on steroids” – one of his more obnoxious public comments, but very telling, nonetheless.
      I do not know the timing of what you read on Crimewatch, when it was posted, etc., but I would not be, at all, surprised, if the posting was “published” after the police shooting, or edited afterwards, to make the victim of the police shooting appear less sympathetic of a victim, or somehow detract attention away from the conduct, or scrutiny of the conduct of police in this matter. Crimewatch, which is paid for with taxpayer dollars, in no way, “serves the public”.
      Just as police radio encryption violates the First Amendment while putting police and public lives in danger, just as the public’s right to privacy, etc., is violated by all the cameras in Lancaster that are NOT used “to solve crime”, Crimewatch is a tool to protect police ADMINISTRATORS, and no one else. The “poster” is anonymous and immune, as opposed to a live police spokesman who must take accountability for their words.
      It is the D.A.’s way of “vetting the news”. The only information on there is what he wants you to see. I would be very, very suspicious of anything posted there, without my own fact-checking, and “digging”.