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  • *** – ** – * HAPPY HOLIDAY!

    Posted on May 27th, 2018 Becky 6 comments

    ***  Oh, and before he resigns, he can refund the city for the three meetings he has missed. (It may be more – I will check the minutes!)


    **   Just more hot air from Wade-El! Give an explanation for your absence Saturday or give the public your resignation!



    *   I am so angry! If Wade-El (pictured above) and city council think they can play these games, they are about to learn they cannot. Resign, Ismail Smith Wade-El! Resign!
          City Council voted 3-2 at a special meeting Saturday morning not to rescind its vote Tuesday allowing the Water Street Mission to tear down a 19th century brick warehouse.
         …Council’s vote Tuesday was 4-2, with Councilman Chris Ballentine absent. Saturday’s meeting was called at the request of Councilwoman Janet Diaz and Tuesday’s two “no” votes, John Graupera and Ismail Smith-Wade-El, after Diaz said she voted for demolition by mistake.
         On Saturday, Diaz and Graupera voted to rescind Tuesday’s decision, while Council President James Reichenbach, Councilman Pete Soto and Ballentine voted not to. 
         Smith-Wade-El was absent.
    From the LNP article, “Lancaster City Council lets decision stand allowing Water Street Mission to demolish warehouse,” (click here).      



         The below email was sent to city council member Ismail Smith Wade-El this morning. I will let you know his response. As a commenter to this site said yesterday:
         It is just unacceptable that council members are absent this often.
    Yes, it is! And for Wade-El to call for this special meeting and then not attend may be cause for his immediate resignation.

         Have a good holiday! LIP News will return on Tuesday.


    Mr. Smith Wade-El:
         Why were you absent from the special city council meeting Saturday morning? According to a LNP article, the special meeting was called at your and other member’s requests.
         Were you aware you could not attend when the date and time of the special meeting was announced and if so, why didn’t council pick another date? If you did not advise them ahead of time that you could not make the meeting, then why were you absent? This was an extremely important meeting and your absence is inexplicable and unacceptable.
    I look forward to your response.
    Becky Holzinger

    6 responses to “*** – ** – * HAPPY HOLIDAY!”

    1. Wonder if someone paid him and others to stay away from meetings where their votes were vital to save a piece of history that WASN’T owned by LNP, PSP or High.

      It really pisses folks who care about the Soviet bloc-ization of Lancaster to lose something precious to the community because council members can’t get their asses to meetings.

      Let’s hope that someone steps up to Water Street Mission and offers a solution and not a demolition.

    2. I am just flabbergasted! If he had been at the meeting it would have been a tie (God only knows what council does with a tie – but it wouldn’t be over). For him to request the meeting and then not show…. well, you have seen my anger and disgust on full display today. 🙁

    3. Listen….oh. Sorry. I’m at the wrong Lancaster news site. I was looking for the one with prom coverage and the big sho fly pie recipe story.

    4. 🙂

    5. This comment came in the last time I wrote about Wade-El:

      Like mother like son. Pompous, self aggrandizing and passing it off as being an agent of change.

      Yes, he is riding his mother’s apron strings and I’m tired of it! Question: Does anyone know where he lives or is this 28-year-old still living with mom?


    6. I see that Christian’s story is no longer front and center on their website. Guess they must have raked in enough clickbait ad money