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    Posted on May 29th, 2018 Becky 10 comments


         “We don’t know if they were killed by the same person,” he added, “and at this point there is no solid, notable evidence to say they were.”
         Linking the deaths is “pure speculation,” Winters [City police Capt. Michael Winters] said.
    From today’s LNP story, “Unsolved: Police seek justice for 2 women slain in 1990s, hope new technology might generate leads,” (click here).
         Excuse me? Has someone lost their mind or don’t they have any minds at all? According to the article, they have the DNA of both killers! A simple test would determine if their killers are the same!
         Am I missing something or is this the most ridiculous and disturbing thing you have ever read? Compare the two killer’s DNA. Bingo! You have the answer – with 99.99 percent certainty!
    There will be much more tomorrow. 



    **    Tom Knapp has an article today on two old unsolved murders which I will come to later, but he also has this, “A ‘doh!’ moment at local animal shelter: Don’t put live animals in closed, insulated boxes,” (click here).
           Yesterday, I noticed a new ad for puppy mills on Lancaster Online (see below). This is a new puppy mill (not Greenfield Puppies) and I did a little research on They used to be “Purebred Breeders” but changed their name after the Today Show did an expose on them in 2011 (click here) and they were sued. also has very bad reviews on the internet and has attracted the attention of the Humane Society. And their prices are simply astonishing and outrageous! Do not buy these puppies – and LNP and Tom Knapp – if you care so much about animals – get the puppy mill ads off your site!


    *     I realize that a horrific and deadly car crash overshadowed the arson this past week. But the Lancaster City Police Department has 145 sworn police officers and approximately 80 civilian support personnel. They should be able to handle two high profile cases in a week! Where is the follow-up on the arson by LNP? Mayor Sorace said this was a “personal attack!” 





         Early last Wednesday morning, a fire was set at the entrance to city hall and to a city owned vehicle. Mayor Sorace said the damage is in the tens of thousands of dollars.
         Will the police solve this? Was the arsonist(s) caught on camera? Where does the investigation stand almost a week later? Does the public have a right to know?
    Click here for LNP’s, “Lancaster Mayor Danene Sorace says of City Hall fire, ‘We will not be bullied,'” and check back later today.



    1. It all depends on who the arsonist is.

    2. ??? Crime is crime!

    3. Tried posting about the latest article on Unsolved Murders that appears on the front page of their website today. Kept getting the “forbidden” notification. Just an FYI. If this posts then all’s good.

    4. I’m sorry. I am not aware of a problem but please keep me informed if it continues. I would be interested to know what you think of the Unsolved Murders article!

    5. Interesting – the problem with your comment this morning may be because of my spam filter and the privacy notifications going on in Europe and their new tracking restrictions. I received a notice this morning and hopefully all is well now.

    6. Oh and BTW. He’s not a puppy mill operator. He’s an “unlicensed breeder”

    7. Come to Lancaster – where you can truly get away with murder.

      I would very much love to know if similar sized cities have an equally abysmal record of unsolved murders. And if the DNA matches both crimes, why not just say so.

      A lot of lukewarm desk jockey detectives who want to take years to solve murders so that they can toot their own tinny horns. Never mind there are families desperate for justice.

      They have had years to compare the DNA. The testing has been in place for a long time. Hell, Morry Povich does the same test for years and years.

      But they are more than willing to advertise the fact that the two women were prostitutes.

      Remember when they paid all that money for that specious artist’s conception of a murderer? I bet they have uploaded the DNA to gedmatch but don’t have a clue of what to do with the results.

    8. I was being facetious. I have had at least ten bullets fired at my home in recent days and police wont even take a report. They are friends with the perp. When he opens fire at his job, or inside city hall or a school, dont come crying to me.

    9. OntheBeachByNoon

      Huh, I noticed the prostitute dig, too. This county is run by a bunch of overpaid, undereducated, sexist PIGS.

    10. Anonymous: I can’t let your comment pass about having your home shot at and the police ignoring your reporting of it. And you have an idea who the perpetrator is? I wish there was some way to bypass the police to get your message out there that this is happening to you.
      Why not contact the State Police? That is where I would go next. And if there is still no interest, like I said I wish there were a place online where you could let neighbors and friends know but without putting yourself at risk.
      Perhaps one of those Nest camera set ups would be a good idea. The video of the porch furniture thieves was quite clear and I read that the perpetrators have returned the furniture to the owners. This was something I saw on Facebook. I would check out the camera system named Nest to see if that would help you out. One that is aimed at your house front or porch and the other aimed at the street.