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    Posted on May 4th, 2018 Becky 5 comments



         Victims often are blamed for staying in abusive relationships as if it’s so easy to escape from an abuser who’s fiercely determined to make sure that doesn’t happen – and who undermines the victim’s self-worth so methodically that the victim may be paralyzed by doubt.
    From the LNP video, “In Our Words: Domestic violence, ineptitude of PA state government,” (click here).

    [Editor’s note: Rich Manieri, the narrator of the video, is no longer employed by LNP.]       

    *** BREAKING NEWS ***


    Jonathan Caple

         LIP News has learned that Judge David R. Workman issued a temporary Protection From Abuse (PFA) order against Lancaster City Police Officer Jonathan Caple on May 1st. Reportedly, Caple has been placed on desk duty. His former fiancée and long time girlfriend is scheduled to go into court on May 8th to obtain a permanent PFA.
         This is the second PFA against Caple; the first was in Mount Joy in 2013 when he held his service revolver to the same girlfriend’s head and threatened to kill her.
    Stay tuned for this developing story.


    5 responses to “MAY 5 UPDATE *** BREAKING NEWS *** JONATHAN CAPLE”

    1. Why was he even allowed to stay on the force after the first PFA?

    2. He needs to b taken off the force like now. Crooked crap with cops they get away with shit but lock kids up for weed. Or have them on probation paying out the news for nothing while you have a cop going around beating on women and pulling his gun out way to go Lancaster City

    3. Good ol’ officer Patches smh The 1st pfa should of been enough to keep his behind off the payroll

    4. Yup! Patches! Remember when LNP did the glowing report about him receiving a new $9,800 heating system for free? Oh, there were some very interesting Facebook posts about “Patches” and they will be coming.

    5. Jon Caple won’t ever be punished by any judge in Lancaster they are dirty it’s going to take a murder and even then judges won’t do crap they make the women take fault and make women feel sorry and awful for reporting abuse. Jon Caple has abused his power as a cop for so long and I know the courts are turning cheeks on battered women. Shame on Jon Caple judges make women feel ashamed. And do nothing to the abuser if it’s a cop this is Domestic abuse usually is not addressed. Jon Caple is a very violent man please take his gun and badge fire him now.