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    Posted on May 17th, 2018 Becky 6 comments


    —  From the March, 2017 invoice from the Cohen Law Group:


    *** BREAKING NEWS ***

      OVER $100,000 DEFENDING

         Invoices received from the City of Lancaster in response to a Right to Know request for the Cohen Law Group (the city’s “telecommunications counsel” defending MAW) total $43,211. That combined with the invoices from the Washington, D.C. firm of Best Best & Krieger ($58,014 – click here) total $101,225.
         There will be much more on this developing story to come in the next few days. Who is going to investigate this unbelievable fraud and theft of the taxpayer’s money?



         The children of Steinman Communications employees are eligible for these scholarships.
    From the LNP story, “Steinman fund presents scholarships to 3 seniors,” (click here).
         This sentence should read:
         Only the children of Steinman Communications employees…
         And one of the winners of those $30,000 scholarships:
         Julia M. Fidgett, the daughter of Suzanne Cassidy and Peter Fidgett, is a senior at Manheim Township High School. Her mother, an 11-year employee of LNP Media Group, is the Opinion editor. Julia Fidgett plans to attend St. Joseph’s University and major in political science.
         So, a “bonus” of $30,000 is the reason Suzanne Cassidy (pictured left) is willing to lie and defy every code of journalism ethics in this country. What a shame and disgrace!

         This was actually the headline on the lead story on Lancaster Online for a time yesterday afternoon. You try to figure it out! Even punctuation would not help this disaster! And there is nothing new or shocking here: Officials have stated from the beginning the man purposely set the fires.

         And another one of those “riot” charges was changed by the District Attorney’s office (see yesterday’s post). Why did the Lancaster City Police file riot charges in the first place? Was there a riot and where is LNP on this story?
    Please check back later today.



    1. Becky, to shed some light on your question regarding the tax issues with the Foundation money (no, I am not a Tax Attorney) you need to understand that the Foundations are not her personal money. The Foundations are funded via contributions from all of the corporate entities which comprise Steinman Communications. Peggy is not the sole owner. There are other family members who own stock as well. A significant amount. There was a point in time up until a few years ago where there were a few individuals outside the family who also owned stock. Point being the Foundation can grant money tax free for the purpose of education. They have been doing this for decades. It is a good and worthy cause. Not everything they do is some nafarious plot. I hope my insight helps.

    2. Becky there was NO riot. The reason why they were all charged with riot was because Bingham decided to be cocky & ruff with the underage boy. His brother and neighbors weren’t having it. The entire block came out & witnessed this going on. The neighbors were all yelling & standing together. After Bingham noticed he was ruff with the boy and noticed all the neighbors yelling at him. He must of called for back up and used riot as an excuse which makes sense because a officer showed up with the biggest can of mace I’ve ever seen lol and other officers came all bugged eye trying to watch everyone in the crowds. Unfortunately none of the neighbors that were men that was standing & watching got in it to protect the underage boy. Everybody including the same boys that were all sitting on curb or along G.C. gates all told Bingham not to treat the underage boy like that. Could be why he charged them all with riot…I wonder what would of really happened if all the entire block didnt come out to witness it.

    3. Understood the Foundation can gift grants and education is a worthy cause. Nefarious in that there are much worthier, and needier, recipients than children of Peggy’s employees. I’m with Becky on this one.

    4. Anonymous, to be fair the scholarships also were for newspaper carriers when they still had them. “Paperboys” may have fit better into your defined spectrum of “worthy”. I am not here to champion the Foundations but they have literally given tens of millions to the community. I think if they want to award scholarships to the employees of their benefactor companies then good for them.

    5. Interested, “Paperboys” – normally the lowest paid employees of a newspaper, does NOT fit into my “spectrum of worthier”. But Thank you for providing a simplistic scenario of the crime of money launderersing.
      My def. of “worthier” would be, say, an underprivileged minority or a disabled person with little or no opportunity of meaningful schooling other than be lifted, or boosted, out of the cycle of poverty through the generosity of others. Most “paperboys” are white, relatives of higher ups on their first job, too young to drive but able bodied and earning money on their first job. Ambitious, industrious, in school, and to be admired, for their assertive attitude, for sure. But not, at all, what I had in mind. Fits your definition, not mine.

    6. Anonymous. Wow. I apologize. I honestly was merely trying to make a point that it benefited more than just the employees at one point and the carriers were, as you pointed out, hard working and industrious kids (most, not all kids) who were worthy non-LNP (they were not employees) individuals. The bottom line is the Scholarships are a great help and the winners should be applauded.