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    Posted on May 23rd, 2018 Becky 3 comments


         It has been quite a shocking day. Violence is never the answer. Hopefully, this time the Lancaster Safety Coalition cameras can be used to help solve these arsons (a portion of the camera map is below with a blue arrow inserted at the location of city hall).
         Mayor Sorace’s full press conference on the arsons is on WGAL-TV (click here).


    **    Ya, the why seems pretty clear here…
            I could be wrong, but if you didn’t see last night’s council meeting I recommend you watch the video on transparent Lancaster.

    Posted on Lancaster Online under the City Hall arson fire article linked to immediately below.
              The comment was posted by Noah Miller, a well known Lancaster landlord who attended and spoke at last night’s city council meeting. Yes, watch the video!

    *** BREAKING NEWS *** – Click here for LNP’s, “Arson fire damages Lancaster City Hall entrance.”        



    LNP reporter Tim Stuhldreher (left) got up from his seat and stood and took pictures of the multiple tenants who spoke during last night’s city council meeting and then in a bizarre move he sat down next to and cozied up to their landlord, Dwain London Sr. (middle) and his son (right).
         There was an absolutely explosive city council meeting last night (the live-stream is broken into two halves on the “See-thru City – Lancaster, PA” Facebook page (click here).
         A very upset woman complained about the police and demanded an apology from them and city council. She called the police from her car to report a fight that was going on in the city and then apparently her car and her daughter who was with her were targeted by the police as being part of the disturbance.
         A woman who was with her complained about the complaint procedure against the police. She said the police use intimidation tactics to keep people from making a complaint. Mayor Sorace got involved and there will be much more on this later today.
         Charlotte Katzenmoyer was caught lying about the 12-and-a-half million dollar automated water meter reading system and how much fiber broadband coverage MAW Communications has actually installed.
         Know-it-all Randy Patterson suddenly hadn’t read the 30 page report prepared by the opposition to demolishing the Water Street Mission warehouse. It was pointedly handed to him during the meeting but council voted to let the warehouse be demolished.
         Numerous tenants of landlord Dwain London Sr. addressed council at the end of the meeting during the open comment period and asked where they are supposed to live. It was heartbreaking.
         And normally mild-mannered Tony Dastra, who livestreams the meetings and ran as an independent for mayor, snapped at London at the end of the meeting. I have to listen to the tape again but Dastra was out-of-line and chastised by council for his angry remark.
    Please check back later today.


    1. I apologize – last night’s city council meeting is actually in three parts on the “See-thru City – Lancaster, PA” Facebook page!

    2. I’ll bet anything that this time those cameras will help crack this. And I hope they do.

      Let’s see how fast the videos are uploaded for the public to see. Bet a lot faster than the last ones they released. Years after the murder of an innocent and plenty of time for the murderer to leave Lancaster in the dust.

      I have no doubt that when it is something like this or it would have involved someone who is an LNP toadie that the LPD will take notice and actually do something. Not “somebody” in Lancaster? You’re on your own…

    3. “Lancaster Mayor Danene Sorace says she considers the fires that damaged City Hall and a municipal vehicle parked nearby early Wednesday to be a personal attack.”

      Is she implying that someone is after her?