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    Posted on May 1st, 2018 Becky 8 comments

     BIG HAIR,

         Speaking of no ethics and white, wealthy women, this is LNP owner Beverly (Peggy) Steinman and her big hair at last night’s debate (click here for LNP’s coverage). Steinman has donated large amounts to Lloyd Smucker’s campaign because he wrote the CRIZ for LNP and that goes against every journalism code of ethics in this country.
         Most of what she does goes against journalism ethics and has for years. The Steinman family is directly responsible for the racism, corruption and absurd ultra-conservative “values” prevalent in Lancaster County.
         This is from the article:
         Smucker, 54, of West Lampeter Township, said he’s voted 96 percent of time in-line with the agenda of President Donald Trump, whom he said “has the chance of being one of the great presidents in the history of our country.”
         Please, please vote this man out of office and have him take Peggy with him!
    [Photo courtesy of Preston Harper’s (formerly Ron Harper) Facebook page.]



    ***  And speaking of Baldrige, her husband made the news yesterday (see below and click here for the article). These people have no ethics! Absolutely none. This is a disgrace and some of these people are going to end up in jail.
           If you recall, Baldrige also voted to give his wife’s then employer, LNP, millions in CRIZ money for their for-profit, off the tax-rolls Marriott expansion. That broke the ethics by-laws of the CRIZ!
         Two other board members head organizations housed in buildings on the removal list — D’Agostino, who is the CEO of Lancaster Housing Opportunity Partnership, and chamber President Tom Baldrige. Because they’re tenants, not owners, they were eligible to vote, Patterson said.
         The removal is subject to final approval by the state. The authority is asking that it be retroactive to January 2017. If so, the removed businesses would not have to complete CRIZ paperwork this year, Patterson said.


    **   And what happened to former LNP reporter Susan Baldrige who was deeply involved in LNP’s reporting on the Manheim Township School Board? We don’t know why she and LNP parted ways, but she’s had a soft landing like white, influential and wealthy women do in Lancaster. She is the only staff member listed and the Director of the Partnership for Public Health (click here)!
         I’ve never heard of them but they have an impressive Board of Directors and their purpose:
         The Partnership for Public Health works collaboratively with local stakeholders to protect health, prevent disease, and promote the health and well-being for all people in Lancaster.
         Who could argue with that? Hmmm…more to come…


    *    The latest in William Murry’s lawsuit against LNP: LNP denies any knowledge of who made the illegal recording of the Manheim Township School Board Executive Session, but if Murry wins they want whoever made it to pay instead of them! Oh, this is good stuff! From Murry’s attorneys:



    The front page headline from today’s LNP print edition (click here to read it online and watch the video of DA Stedman’s press conference).

         This is a deceptive headline by LNP! The first four words of reporter Tom Knapp’s story states:
         Authorities committed no crimes…
         That is all Stedman said. They did not commit crimes. He did not say the “police did nothing to cause the death of escapee.” In fact the article goes on to state:
         Stedman said he makes no determination on the appropriateness of officers’ actions during the incident.
         However, Good was being escorted by a single deputy when he escaped. Stedman said his office’s policy is to use two county detectives during a prisoner transport.
         He referred questions on the handling of Good’s transport to county Sheriff Christopher R. Leppler.
         I don’t know who wrote the headline but it is a lie and a disgrace. Does anyone at LNP know how to tell the truth?
    Please check back later today.



    1. The same D’Agostino that heads the L-S GOP committee and is planning a run for county commissioner next year.

    2. Always the same crowd sucking at the teat of government cheese.

    3. OnTheBeachByNoon

      If they didnt folo dept policy, wouldnt that be criminal negligence? If only the d.a.’s office could solve murders as quickly as it clears cops…

    4. LNP Sucks Too

      Republican Socialism

    5. OK, I have been waiting years to say this:

      I am old enough to remember when the Steinman family was NOT what it is today. Yes, they were rich; yes, they were powerful; yes, they were high society; yes, they had all the local media ownership; yes, they were all that people now say………BUT they were not corrupt. They were the local rich folk……they owned EVERYTHING…….but I don’t remember them as corrupt! Yes, there were instances when there was embarassment…….too much partying, etc……BUT it is the NOW generation that is really an embarassment! I have had many a moment where I was sorry I ever worked for the newspapers they owned……BUT I was not sorry at that time. When I worked for the newspapers they were not the p___ poor example of a newspaper that they are now!!!

    6. JoJo – that thin veneer of gentility was much easier to maintain before the internet, social media, and women being allowed to be full members of the Hamilton Club. And when you own EVERY FORM of media in one city the last thing that you will ever have exposed about yourself is corruption.

    7. PS I can only imagine the social media snark and chatter if Col. Steinman’s widow married Dick Hess in this day and age.

    8. Scroll down in the comments section of LOL and you’ll see all the media sources owned by Steinman Communications. They’re a monopoly by a different name.