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    Posted on April 24th, 2018 Becky 9 comments


         I am simply stunned by how awful these LNP “reporters” are. A man is murdered and he has two photos on his Facebook page and one of them is him leaning against a huge gun safe.
         Do the reporters ever mention it? No. And every photo they use has the safe carefully cropped out.
         Someone in law enforcement (DA Craig Stedman?) must have asked them not to mention it and these so-called reporters obliged! That is unbelievable and scary and goes against everything journalism is supposed to stand for!
         It is still on an open Facebook page with the large photo available to any person who is on Facebook – and that’s more than one billion people!
         And Tom Knapp, who wrote about Dennis Pitch’s murder and never mentioned the safe and only used carefully cropped photos, is going to look at unsolved homicides? Is that a sick joke? He needs to hand in his “reporter” card!
    —  Click here for his story, “Frustrated father says his family will get closure when Salisbury Township man’s killer is found.”      


    *   The men knew Pitch had plans to withdraw a large portion of his retirement account in cash, according to charging documents.
         They were at a Sunoco gas station in Narvon late Dec. 2, 2016, when Smith told them Pitch had money inside his home and “they were going to take it,” according to charging documents. 
    From the LNP article, “4 men charged with homicide in 2016 break-in and fatal shooting of Salisbury Township man,” (click here).
         So, it was the safe!
    —  Click here for “LNP: IGNORING THE OBVIOUS!”
    —  Click here for “ARE LNP REPORTERS BLIND?”



         Preston Harper (formerly Ron Harper, Jr.) posted the above on LNP reporter Tom Knapp’s Facebook page yesterday.

         Please, you might give Tom (and everyone at LNP) a heart attack!
    Please check back later today.



    1. In all fairness, LNP doesn’t question anyone in positions of authority. Now debates over where to get the best chicken corn soup…..

    2. I think that Preston means “distrust” rather than “distress” in his first sentence. But I get what he is saying.

    3. “Moral pinnings” is also questionable – but it’s Harper! 😉 🙂

    4. While we’re on the subject of corruption in Lancaster County, could we please get the white elephant out of the room and tell the truth about Judge Jay Hoberg? He was forced to retire because of his legendary probate and guardianship abuse. LNP’s gushing editorial about him was disgusting and all they had to do was google him to find out how corrupt HE was. Since family and probate court hearings are not usually covered by the news media, they could pretend they had no idea, but I called them to tell them their editorial about his “accomplishments” and how he was NOT retiring because he was caught up in any PA judicial corruption scandal, “as so many other judges we hear about”, or something to that effect was absolute bullshit. After my call, they could have easily found out the TRUTH and talked to his VICTIMS, but – of course – did not. Hoberg and Lancaster County’s judiciary are as entrenched in the litigation abuse that transfers wealth from old people, and dead people, from heirs to lawyers they have never met as any other county in PA. He was FORCED TO RETIRE to keep from embarrassing the judiciary any further because of all the complaints against him (including reports in the NATIONAL news media), while managing to hang on to his cushy pension. And any assertion to the contrary by LNP is an outright LIE.

    5. Will you be covering proms this year?

    6. No! 🙂

    7. Too bad. That’s big news over at the P.

    8. Why does the safe matter?

    9. The men accused of killing him knew Pitch had plans to withdraw a large portion of his retirement account in cash, according to charging documents.

      If he was going to have a large amount of cash in his house it makes sense that he would get a safe. And if one of those four went to his Facebook page and looked – there is a huge safe! Bingo! The man has cash (and maybe guns) in his house!