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    Posted on April 30th, 2018 Becky 8 comments

         I placed a call to the FBI today. I am waiting for a call back. There will be more tomorrow.

    *     Nearly two weeks after Fuentes was killed, police released a composite sketch of a potential witness who was seen in the area that morning.
          The man has never been identified but was spotted in the same area several years later, leading police to believe he lived nearby.
    From the same article.
         Who spotted him in the same area and exactly how many years ago? And you are telling me the police believed he might live nearby but did not release the video to the public at that time and didn’t look for him on more recent Coalition videos? And they didn’t put up flyers in the area to try and identify him? And now it’s nine years later and they finally release a partial video?
         This is just shocking!


    The headline from the front page of today’s LNP print edition (click here for the story and video online).

         From the article:     
          At this point, police have decided to release the video to the public. Although the man’s face isn’t visible in the clip, officials hope his build and movements are familiar to someone.
         “Putting the video out there with the sketch might stir up something,” Miller [Lancaster city police Detective Kurt Miller] said.
          Why do you wait nine years to release a video and why doesn’t LNP ask? Do they have clips that show his face? It seems they should. Why aren’t they showing those clips?
          They need to bring in outside help to solve these murders. This is terrible police work and reporting by LNP!
    Please check back later today.



    1. OMG Becky. It is unbelievable that District Attorney Craig Stedman sat on this for nine years. How many other videos do they have of the many unsolved violent crimes in the city that they could release?

      Your calls for outside (Federal) help to uncover the incompetence in the DA’s office need to bee heeded immediately.

      9 years later…Really?

    2. Nine days? Too long. Nine months? Way too long. NINE YEARS?? Criminal.

      This entire method reeks of a DA and police force that is determined to “solve” crimes on their own but fall woefully and utterly short. Criminally short. They do this time and time again… withhold evidence that the public might be able to assist in arresting a suspect.

      They have zero computer skills’ experts on their staff and a nineteenth century attitude on how to pursue cases like this.

      As a result, the county has an obscenely high number of unsolved murder cases.

      Lancaster: Where to go to get away with murder.

    3. … And who’s betting that their potential “witness” is much more than that.

    4. If LNP placed holding the D.A.’s office under the same microscope as they do in prom coverage and foodie contests, they might actually be considered a real newspaper. Sitting on evidence for nine years?

    5. I always thought most solved murders were solved in the first “48 Hours”. Whatever happened to good old fashioned police work, like knocking on doors? Most people are cooperative with police – unless they dont trust them.

    6. It is interesting the D.A. never asks for outside help from the a.g.’s office or the FBI. Must be ego.

    7. I read in the LNP crime blotter back in February that the D.A’s Office Computer Forensics Detective and Manor Township Police (I think) charged somebody with computer or wiretap crimes for hacking into his girlfriend (or boyfriend’s) computer and changing their Microsoft password. That seemed like an awful long way to go for a crime (or prank) that affected one person. How did the complainant even get anyone to care?

    8. “unless they don’t trust them.” Since they can’t seem to prosecute the criminals, I’d be afraid if I talked to them about anything, they’d prosecute me. If you tell them you know something, they’ll probably arrest you as the suspect. Low hanging fruit. They bring the distust on themselves by letting their informants get away with murder and protecting the dirty cops within their own ranks. I believe there are way more clean cops then dirty cops, but if you’re a clean cop and you cover for a dirty cop, you’re dirty.