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     So how can Ismail Smith Wade-El truly bring about change? In so many ways. On January 18, 2017, I ran part of a speech given by then mayoral candidate Kevin Ressler and stated it was one of the most sensible things I have read in a long time. His speech is reprinted below (click here for the original on this site). 
    This is one of the many, many things Smith Wade-El can work on if he is serious about bringing real change to Lancaster.
[I ran out of time today – the update on Delonte Shaw-Cannon will come tomorrow.]
      Every single person in this country now knows that there are some serious challenges of law enforcement and within law enforcement. The central problem, though, we should all be able to agree on – and that is easy to define – it is a lack of communication and a lack of interaction between law enforcement and the community.
      It is not helpful when the city is allowing outsiders as far away as the other side of York and the other side of Chester County to patrol our streets. This is a recipe for disaster that has been shown to be a contributor in the tragedies in places like Ferguson and Minneapolis.
     We need to take an exploratory look at different ways of making officers part of this community so that they care about it more than just as the job they wanted to do but as a community that wants to [word not audible] and get further. And if their response is we can’t recruit them, I can tell you in a country with 320 million people, you can find some police officers who want to live in the community they want to patrol. [Sentence not audible]
     Beyond just law enforcement officers though, in general we need to be increasing the number of city employees with city residency, not decreasing them. Why wouldn’t we want the salaries we spend for services to be used for the businesses we developed inside this city? Forty-four percent of the city budget is in the police department. The overwhelming majority of the police officers do not live in the city. This is a failure of economic development – when the thing that you have the strongest control over is the expenditures of your money – are sent immediately into other communities.
***  There is a city council committee meeting tonight at 6:00 pm. We will see if new council member Ismail Smith Wade-El is there. As noted here in early March, he missed two meetings and was only sworn into office in January (click here).
     Other questions of interest:
—  Will he be wearing moisturizer?
—  Will he push for the city to live-stream these very important meetings?


    From Wade-El’s Facebook page.

**   Black men in politics need to moisturize more? Who knew? I’ll tell that to U.S. Representative John Lewis right now!


*   King understood, as must we, that sacrifice was at the core of struggle.
     But somewhere he had read that the greatness of America was the right to protest for right. And that right, for the sake of all others, must be defended, because the change we seek — like the change sought by King — may take decades, even generations.
The ending sentences to Wade-El’s guest column.  
     Oh, please! This is just crap! Do something!     


(Click here)

     Yes, you have written about King before and I have not been impressed and this piece doesn’t impress me either! Do something besides writing banalities for one of the most racist companies in Lancaster County! Are you the only person of color LNP has left that they can turn to?
      You’re on city council now. Do something about the blatant racism in the city and the county led by LNP! Do something!
      Speaking of racism in the courts, Delonte Shaw-Cannon’s case was adjudicated on March 14 with a negotiated guilty plea (click here for “REMEMBER DELONTE SHAW-CANNON?” and there will be more later today).


        And when is LNP going to answer these questions posted under their “We the People” series (click here)? When is LNP going to tell the public the truth?
Please check back later today.


  1. huh? says:

    I saw this article just now and thought that it might be of interest to you Becky. It speaks to the subject of bail and we know how bail is misrepresented to the public time and time again in their favorite local newspaper.

    BTW, who is Smith Wade-El’s mother? I may have missed that reference LNP Sucks too.

    • Becky says:

      His mother is Rita Smith Wade-El, a Professor of Psychology and Director of African American Studies at Millersville University of Pennsylvania. She is an activist and has won many awards and is often mentioned by LNP.

      Dr. Rita R. Smith-Wade-El

  2. LNP Sucks Too says:

    Like mother like son. Pompous, self aggrandizing and passing it off as being an agent of change.