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  • OVER 1,800 COMMENTS!

    Posted on April 10th, 2018 Becky 6 comments


          My comments lack context now that you have removed the one calling you a “Philly POS”. I was only standing up for you against that bully. I was surprised you posted that idiot.
         This comment in last evening under the post immediately below.
         Thank you and I apologize. That was one of Steve and Cheryl Dum Markle’s daily comments into this site. I approved it by mistake for several hours – that happens when I use my phone to approve comments and it is very touchy but I have no choice when I am away from my laptop. I do not immediately delete them because they are being used to build criminal charges.
         Interesting, I was going to talk about what constitutes harassment and trespassing this week involving other cases – but the obsession and jealousy exhibited by this couple daily for six years is simply astonishing and reflects an unbelievable mental illness – but it is also criminal and Steve Markle is already a convicted stalker and harasser and fully knows he is crossing the line.
         The East Lampeter Police Department will be notified and I will update developments on this site. I apologize that this very sick couple intrude on the serious news that I try to cover on this site.
    Please check back later today.

    6 responses to “OVER 1,800 COMMENTS!”

    1. You can have them charged in Philly, where you receive them. If you file a private crim complaint there, in case the d.a. doesnt charge, and they dont show up: warrants. I would def. go to Philly police. They are much more responsive. Plus, maybe, they’ll beat the shit out of them at the roundhouse 🙂

    2. Went a couple of rounds with him, then he quit.

    3. It’s so disgusting you’re having to endure that daily ugliness. That sort of dark triad behavior is what I hate about the Internet.

    4. I always recommend that you contact the FBI office in Harrisburg first. Then Philadelphia second. The Harrisburg office was extremely helpful. I won’t go into detail but after meeting with them and explaining the situation, they gave me valuable information and tips on de-escalation as well. There are separate measures when dealing with someone who has been convicted and who is suffering from mental illness. I can only say that there was pity on my part at first but after speaking to them, it was wise to toss pity out the window.

      Other advice I followed was the purchase of a weapon for defense and instruction on how to use it defensively. Once again, no going into details but both active and passive defensive strategies are well worth it.

    5. I doubt these two walk down the street making the same sort of comments or hurling insults at others on a daily basis. They obviously don’t make daily phone calls to people spewing such vitriol either. The internet seems to be a safe place for these sorts of folks to do the above with impunity. You see it to varying degrees fairly regularly. Ergo the internet is a safe place for some to do and say things they would otherwise be prosecuted for. (Not in Lancaster, but in most places)

    6. Completely false. The internet is the best way to reach a conviction because harassment by computer IS a crime and the evidence is traceable and right there in black and white. Anyone who thinks they can hide behind a computer or an anonymous name is just plain STUPID. Huh’s advice is spot on. And if you are a woman, buy a gun and learn how to use it. Thats the only way its a fair fight between a woman and an unarmed man.