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**   After a very lengthy and contentious debate on the warehouse, and after city council decided to table it, Eugene Aleci stood up again and asked how the Historical Commission could have agreed to its demolition in the first place! That really set James Reichenbach off!
     Aleci posted multiple long, detailed and impassioned comments under the last LNP article about the warehouse to save it (click here).


*    It was Lancaster City Council President James Reichenbach who gave a loud and somewhat angry “No!” last night as council decided to table a vote on the demolition of the Water Street Rescue Mission warehouse. You can watch the entire meeting here.



      We have only this to say to Wubah: In Lancaster County, you’ll find that most residents welcome people of different backgrounds. Our county is home, after all, to a city known as “America’s refugee capital.” Signs outside of homes in the city, the suburbs and rural communities welcome neighbors in Spanish, Arabic and English. We see diversity as our strength; we see it making the culture here richer. So welcome to Millersville. We wish you and the university well.
From today’s LNP editorial,It is one thing to question a university president pick; it’s quite another to give in to xenophobic impulses,” (click here).      
       Oh, that is rich! We may welcome you here but we sure as hell will not give you a job at LNP! We like to keep our staff white, white and whiter! Just take a look!
Please check back later today.

2 Responses to ** – * LNP: THE HEIGHT OF HYPOCRISY!

  1. Benton Harbor says:

    They will just let it become dilapidated and then it will be torn down.

  2. huh? says:

    Maybe there will be a chance unless that busy little shell corporation has had the opportunity to scoop up the warehouse. If any of the powers that be have their fingers in this warehouse pie then the building is as good as gone.