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    Posted on April 12th, 2018 Becky 14 comments


    A comment on Lancaster Online under the F&M story.

         I enjoy it when someone sees something that most overlook! But I have to point out at the very forefront of the large photograph, there is clearly a woman with blue leggings (see the cropped photo to the left). Just trying to help!
         And somehow, the comments under this post turned to State Senator Scott Martin which is always delightful if not a little creepy. Which brings us to an update on his new wife, Amber Martin’s (formerly Green and she is the County Treasurer) custody complaint against her ex-husband, Gerald Green, II.
         President Judge Dennis Reinaker has now turned the case over to a Delaware County Senior Judge (see his order below). That should hopefully remove any controversy over who is handling the case and avoid any conflicts of interest. And while the Order indicates Gerald Green is “Pro Se” – representing himself – according to the docket he has wisely hired an attorney to represent him – Melissa Montgomery, Esquire (click here for her website).
        And the Martin beat goes on…


    *    From The College Reporter article linked to below:
         This is not all of the problematic content found on the MProtective Facebook page, other examples can be found below. For example, the company consistently reposts anti-gun control articles, while in contrast, Dr. Porterfield notified the community this past month that he will be advocating against the opening of a gun shop on Dillerville Pike. The point is not that people are not allowed to have these views. There are definitely some F&M students who would agree with some, if not all of the opinions put forth by MProtective, and they have every right to do so. The real issue is twofold, first of all, by partnering with this company, the school is supporting political speech, certain aspects of which seem antithetical to the expressed mission of the institution. Second of all, because hiring MProtective is the only way Greek organizations are allowed to have parties, the administration’s policy is forcing students to financially support a worldview they may vehemently disagree with. As a member of Greek life, I don’t think this company represents me, I don’t think it represents the experience I’ve had with my organization, and I don’t think it deserves my support.


    F&M: WHAT

         The below are a few of the posts on the MProtective, LLC Facebook page according to the F&M newspaper The College Reporter (click here) and click here for the LNP article, “Franklin & Marshall College cuts ties with security group after ‘inflammatory’ social media posts, misconduct allegation.”


    14 responses to “AFTERNOON UPDATE * HORRIFIC POSTS!”

    1. This is the way a lot of people think and what they believe in Pennsyltucky. F&M hires this company. And just what kind of jack boots do they think work for the place? I can’t believe they never bothered to look at their Facebook page to get some sort of angle on what this company was all about.

      All that being said, it has been a refreshing time since the last president left for greener pastures and took his city-rearranging ideas elsewhere. I can remember back when he was on every city committee that he could insinuate himself into EXCEPT anything that had to do with education.

      I bet that a head or two rolled when the now-president saw this all play out on public forums.

    2. Becky.I attended a dinner for the Rotary Club last week.
      Scott Martin was there as a speaker The table I was sitting at had quite a lot to say about Martin which I did not know
      They said his sister Katie West was involved in a car accident that killed her young Child and husband
      So I (googled ) it
      There Is a video on their of channel – 21 News – By Donna Kirker -Morgan
      — Under. — Lawsuit:
      Man ‘unlawfully’ charged in fatal crash to further Canada Political career –

      Your readers really need to watch this video

      They also said that Scott Martin -And I will clean it up – Cheated on his ex wife quite a lot
      He was cheating on his ex wife with his current wife and she was also married
      At the time, they said that there are a lot of pictures
      At the time of Scott Martin’s white truck in His ( Mistress driveway ) Throughout the year Her house was next to a cornfield With his white truck in the driveway
      1st you see the cornfield
      His white truck was there
      Then the corn Is starting to coming up The truck was there Now the corn Has grown A little bit more Again white truck in the driveway The corn is ready to pick Yes the white truck was there then there’s A tractor cutting the corn Oh yeah Martin’s trucks in the driveway
      How did these two get their political positions
      Both of their spouses could have broken this story
      At the time and neither one of them would have won the election
      It was quite an interesting night
      But I think the saddest thing I heard Was Martin was using his sons for His own image He attends different sporting events that he sign them up for so he can get out there to show his face and get to know the parents for voters. I heard he does not spend very much. father /Son time together
      With his son’s I wonder what is children will think of him when they grow up

    3. As with the campus police, isn’t the primary job of this security firm to insulate F&M students from real police? I’m sure no underage drinking, or drugs can be found at frat parties.

    4. Hmmm…

      Where was the rotary dinner held and on what date and time?

      I am asking because your usage of “rotary dinner” and “people at your table talking” is merely a cover for how you wish the rest of us to assume you and your “sources” have any credibility.

      Scott Martin has not spoken at any rotary DINNERS this year but nice try. And I am actually a rotary member who unbelievably was unaware we had any dinners where Scott Martin was the speaker. There’s this thing called email and it was created to keep all clubs in the know and engaged when speakers are invited to this club or that club…

      Nice touch with your illustration of corn fields. Adds to some stellar and comical reading to which enlightens all of us and superbly sets the scene. Fiction at its finest.

      I will alert the elections office because if Scott Martin is furthering his election career in “Canada” as you have reported, we all deserve to know. I wonder if they have corn fields in Canada?

      More respect would be given if you were not pretending to just merely be a bystander, when “people at your table talk” but then you coincidentally knew to come right to this website and report your findings.

      For the love of politics, please at the minimum, find a place where Scott Martin was actually speaking and then resubmit your little fable.

      I will close my comments with my version of a virtual smack for you pretending to care about his children. People whom so blatantly lie about “dinners” and “people at tables” are generally sociopaths with no lives and zero care for anyone but themselves and the attention they seek.

      He’s just not that into you…

    5. I know Scott and I know Heather very well. Our boys pretty much play all the same sports and are on teams together. When married to Heather, Scott was always at every practice and every game. It was common for us moms to make comments about Scott and how great it was to see a dad so active. Now that Scott is no longer married to heather nothing has changed. Scott is still always at practices and he coaches and he is there for every game. Scott is a great dad and he has been a friend to many of the parents throughout the years. Scott does not need to win our votes. Scott is a friend to many of us. Taking shots at the type of father Scott is makes that commenter look petty to everyone who actually knows these people.

    6. As an aside, a lot of what hmmmm posted has been discussed here in various earlier posts.

      Perhaps hmmmm is one of the aggrieved parties. Amd if so, I don’t blame you a bit for being pissed at those two. Trailer trash in a hot tub. 🙂

    7. Funny,
      Scott Martin Having an affair for years sets a great example for his sons. Was he hitting on you at the boys’ practice … maybe he knows you are gay, if not
      Also at that rotary, he was hitting on me, maybe he is already tired of the Treasurer … both are scumbugs …

    8. I want to be like onthebeachbynoon

      And who are you?
      Well I guess You must have not watched
      channel 21 news video
      Please watch It’ll tell you a lot about the man you’re taking up for

    9. Technical question Becky: sometimes user’s names show up in blue and are underlined and look like they are a link while others, like mine, just show up in black typeface.

      I’ve always wondered why that is. Any idea?

    10. Dear Hmmmm, I dont know where you live that you dont know all of this, and I doubt that Rotarians were sitting around their dinner tables gossiping about the guest speaker, but obviously you don’t get out much. This is Lancaster. EVERYBODY is in bed with EVERYBODY.

    11. I posted that last comment as anon cuz i a am too lazy to type. but i AM onthebeachbynoon. why do you want to be like me? i hate pa, everything about it and everyone in it. its turning me into a curmudgeon. (except i like most of the posters here). too bad there are only six people in this f*cked up state with ethics.

    12. huh? – you are correct. “Hmmmm….” has been putting in a URL and I didn’t catch it. It’s a nonsense URL and doesn’t take you to a website and I have gone back and deleted their URL line.

    13. Thanks Becky.

    14. Vote evil out

      I watch the video that 21 news did on Martin that video was done on May 10th 2016 ( Wow. ) That was eye opening Martin sister’s accident happen in 2012
      And Martin was still trying to Sue the truck driver. In 2016 She was high on heroin
      And she was never charged with driving under the influence or for them children not having Seat belts on And Scott Martin only cares about money
      So sad – 2 dead family members That shows who he is

      I do not know if this is the same Katy West but
      State Farm took
      – Katy West to court. For a acciden
      For $8693.07
      Lancaster county
      Civil action law
      No -1406590
      Plaintiff State Farm
      Defendant Katie M West

      Is this the same Katy West
      Is this 2 different car accidents