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    Posted on April 13th, 2018 Becky 4 comments

    I WOULD NOT PAY $11!

        Check out Gracie’s Bacon Jam Grilled Cheese ($11)—grilled sourdough with bacon jam and cheddar and American cheese.
    From the LNP article, “Gracie’s on West Main Cafe named top 10 place in America to get grilled cheese,” (click here).
         Sigh. This has driven me crazy since I had the misfortune to read this article. Eleven dollars for a grilled cheese? There is no possible way I would pay that.
         I have googled the average cost of a homemade grilled cheese sandwich (.48 cents for American cheese on white). I have googled how to make bacon jam and studied the cost of the ingredients (the internet is full of recipes). I only buy good (mostly rye) bread to begin with and almost always have cheddar cheese in my fridge (besides the classic American).
         I checked prices for grilled cheeses from national restaurants, food trucks and my local deli. The top price for fancy cheeses, good bread and including a meat averages around $7.00.
         I would not pay $11.00 for a grilled cheese sandwich – with bacon “jam” and no bacon strips no less! Who would? Would you? I have wasted an 80 degree, glorious afternoon googling grilled cheese sandwiches! Sigh.
    Have a great Friday!


          “Our police departments should be representative of the communities they serve,” he [Mark Temons, a member of the Peace Action Network of Lancaster] said.
    From today’s LNP article by Tom Knapp, “Bridging the gap between police and community: Forum on Saturday aims to open lines of communication,” (click here).     
         Of course! That’s just common sense! In the same way, the staff of a newspaper should be representative of the community they serve. So why doesn’t LNP have a single minority reporter?
         And why do the mayor and the city council members ignore the blatant racism at LNP? Why haven’t they demanded change? Why would they give this racist company millions of dollars in CRIZ money?
    Please check back later today.


    1. Police chiefs just lied to county commissioners to get them to encrypt police radio and now they want to “open the lines of communication with the community”! Nobody trusts them now! Ridiculous.

    2. Sandwich looks like it needs a slice of tomato.

    3. $11 for a grilled cheese sandwich. No problem. Hipsters will pay it. That way they can’t think they’re even more special because they’re eating in one of the top ten places in America for a grilled cheese sandwich

    4. On the Gracie’s sandwich, the $11 doesn’t cover just the sandwich, you get your choice of a side salad or soup and chips. I’ve had this sandwich and it was worth every penny. High maybe but this wasn’t plain old processed cheese and their tomato bisque is crazy good.