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     LNP finally went up with a story at 3:18 pm today (click here for “Elizabethtown District Judge Jayne Duncan resigns; her office may be targeted for merger”).
     This is highly unusual. She resigned yesterday giving one day’s notice after 27 years! According to a source who was correct about her resigning, they report that two of her fulltime employees also resigned although that has not been confirmed.
      She has obviously had bad blood with District Attorney Craig Stedman after he filed a Writ of Mandamus against her over two years ago.
     LIP News will try to get to the bottom of this. This cannot be candy-coated – something very serious happened or is happening.
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* 11:56 am – Deputy Court Administrator Russell Glass just confirmed by phone that District Judge Jayne Duncan emailed President Judge Dennis Reinaker and himself yesterday afternoon stating that she was resigning effective April 8th. 

     Glass also stated by phone this morning that Judge Duncan did not give a reason for her sudden resignation yesterday. He did say his office has contingency plans in place and everything should be in order on Monday in terms of the District Judges.
     He said the official process for any Judge in Pennsylvania to resign is to send a letter to the Governor with an original signature (meaning no email or faxes are accepted). Glass said that according to the Governor’s office this morning, that letter has not yet been received but Duncan indicated it has been sent.


Jayne F. Duncan

     This site has unconfirmed reports that Elizabethtown District Judge Jayne Duncan has resigned. Again, this is not confirmed.
Please check back for this developing story.


  1. Anonymous says:

    I read the Commonwealth Court ruling regarding Judge Duncan. It is a rare prosecutor who goes after a judge for a procedural issue (allegedly brought to his attention by a cop), and calls it a “criminal investigation”. It is rarer, still, that a President Judge would allow that.
    A more common occurrence- while still rare – is for a judge to report a prosecutor to the Office of Disciplinary Counsel for misconduct.
    It is unheard of that a President Judge would use the news media to trash a fellow judge who has resigned for reasons he claims not to know.
    What I find…”frankly, shocking” …. is Reineker’s “level of disregard” for the truth.
    There is something very rotten in Denmark with these two (Reinaker and Stedman), and I believe they have much to hide.
    At least, we now know whom Reinaker supports for the empty seat on the Common Pleas Court. When will people in positions of power learn that when they lay with dogs, they are going to get fleas? (No offense to dogs).

  2. Anonymous says:

    She was not investigated by a.g. Quit spreading rumors. Nothing “went on in that office” except a fair, impartial judge meting out justice. I hhope she doesnt take herself out of the running for LCCCP.

  3. LNP Sucks Too says:

    Of course it can be candy coated. This is Lancaster County-northernmost banana republic

  4. Anonymous says:

    Turn out the lights, because the last honest public official in Lancaster County has just left the building.

  5. Jay says:

    I wonder when the State Attorney General is going to File and Release the Charges for the Public to know all those Facts that has happened in that office with Her and her Staff.
    Guess time will tell when the Truth will come out.

  6. aka says:

    She may have gotten the judgeship from the governor.

  7. Anon says:

    An educated guess is that she is disgusted that her opponent for a seat on Common Pleas Court is a snake who tried to prosecute HER, and sullied her reputation in the process – even though he lost and had no legal right to go after her – while he consorts and colludes with other magistrate judges who are, in fact, corrupt and Reinaker looks the other way. Just a guess, and I dont blame her one bit.