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    Posted on April 29th, 2018 Becky 3 comments


         We became instant best friends. I sat next to her on the bus to Mountville Elementary School one day and the die was cast. It lasted for years. We lived a field apart and crossed that field too many times to count.
         We both moved out of our parent’s homes in the 12th grade and into an apartment in the city and moved from Hempfield to McCaskey High School. In our teenage years and beyond we would tell people we were sisters and no one ever questioned it.
         That would end with the incest story. A vague memory of my parent’s general disdain for her over the years and my mother asking my father one day: “What are the odds they would move right across the hill?”
         She was adopted and knew the name of her birth mother but never knew anything about her father. Years ago, I requested a DNA test and was denied. I understood the incredible odds against it, but it was one thing that science could either absolutely confirm or deny and I could move on to other things.
          My brothers and sisters even wrote my therapist about it (click here): 
          In the last month she has requested numerous times that a childhood friend take a DNA test because Becky now believes they are half-sisters.  (The friend has to date refused). 
         The arrest of a serial killer and rapist in California has put a spotlight on DNA and is running a “special” and things in my family have changed!   
         Stay tuned.


    1. I understand the yearning to know the truth about things. I hope that she will now agree to do the testing.

      In the meantime, have you ever been able to connect any dots between her birth mother and who you suspect to be her birth father? This was one of the markers used in a search that I did.

    2. Not to take away from your moment, but did you see Stedman’s latest newser…w/a dog? Dogs and babies always make for great press. Unless, of course, the baby is shot to death on Christmas Eve by her father.

    3. I did! 🙂 He held a press conference about it! OMG! 🙂 🙂