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UPDATE 3-18-2018 – I am not going to get involved in the debate raging on Lancaster Online over Help Find Sophie. What I do see is a lot of wanna-be lawyers posting and not having a clue what they are talking about. I just wanted to note that everyone is stating Facebook is free, etc., etc., etc.
     No one seems to know that she also has a website that is not free and her domain name is not free and it’s actually very well done and visually attractive and she has some good ideas (click here)! Now on to more serious news!


*    Brett Hambright, a spokesman for the Lancaster County district attorney’s office, said the office has received information about the complaints, which are being vetted and reviewed.
From today’s LNP lead story, “Critics say Help Find Sophie demanded donations before giving information about lost pets,” (click here).
     LNP has found a clickbait story – about animals, of course! What this woman apparently did after years of good service was morally wrong – but illegal?
     Maybe the DA should be looking at MAW Communications and the over $4.7 million they stole from the city and not at Help Find Sophie? Unbelievable!



     On September 25, 2016, LNP ran this quote in their print edition (click here for the LNP article online, “LNP coverage of Manheim Twp. school board earns Pa. NewsMedia Association’s top award”).
     Who is that person who “trusted a reporter enough?” Was it an ordinary citizen or was it then Superintendent John Nodecker who was being investigated for improper conduct and was at the center of the whole “controversy” that began LNP’s coverage?
     If it turns out it was Nodecker, will LNP return the G. Richard Dew Award and apologize to the public for this blatant, disgusting lie?


  1. WTF? says:

    The wetlands would have been accommodated. Have you seen the hundreds of townhouses built along South Centerville Rd since the Walmart fray? My original point was that in the capitalist model, consolidation is the inevitable outcome. Family farms in the Midwest absorbed by corporate ag, all media now owned by merely 5 players. I’m not advocating against capitalism, only pointing out the obvious evolution of business within the model.

  2. huh? says:

    An aspect not mentioned is the wetlands that exist there and would be impacted.

  3. WTF? says:

    As an aside, one of the principals in Manor Twp told me right to my face he was concerned about the ” element” that Walmart attracts. He went on to regurgitate crime statistics from the chief of police in East Lampeter (?) Where the existing Walmart was. The other argument was putting mom and pop stores out of business. I like mom and pop stores. I’m just relaying the facts.

  4. WTF? says:

    Manor Twp led by Jim Huber, former Republican county commissioner, fought Walmart for 12 years. In 2002 the zoning hearing board denied a request for a special exception, the planning commission threw up more roadblocks in 2007. Get Your facts straight. The article s are still available on LNP.

  5. Anonymous says:

    There was local opposition to Walmart but, ultimately, Walmart pulled out of Manor Township because it did not want to do business there. Get your facts straight.

  6. WTF? says:

    Walmart etc is the natural evolution of business in the capitalist model. I found it hilarious to read the conservative advocates of unbridled unregulated capitalism rail against a Walmart in Manor Twp. Much as I agreed with them the irony of supporting Darwinism capitalism until it’s most successful example comes to your own neighborhood was not lost on me. Big fish eat the little fish.

  7. Rednek says:

    When it is finally revealed that LNP had an active participation in the ‘tape scandal’, maybe some heads will roll at LNP and HIGH.

    Unfortunately, it will take real investigative reporting from a non-Lancaster County source to get at the truth.

  8. Interested says:

    I think High could not care less about all of this. Dr. Kirchner was his own worst enemy. I knew the man and have insight into what happened. You may be correct that I do not appreciate the entire scope of the Murry companies but as I have stated before, I have known Bill for years. Although he is my senior be a few decades I have a fairly good idea of and about him. That being said, I do agree that if a reporter coerced the source into taping the event then clearly there must be some consequences.

  9. huh? says:

    On top of all of that, who’s to say that another construction company questioned the unholy alliance that is PSP. Perhaps toying with the idea of doing some muscling in themselves.

    Dr. Kirchner was small fry when it came to Lancaster doings a few years back. It didn’t take long for him to be featured doing a perp walk above the fold and accused of animal abuse. And just who was featuring him? Why, the same company whose employees were guilty of illegally logging in to law enforcement databases using Kirchner’s password.

    You’re seeing an example of obfuscation right now at the top of Becky’s post this afternoon. Who is the DA focussing on? A woman who apparently is operating a dog rescue service without a license? Just look at the comments below the LNP article. You would think that the DA would be focused on MAW with the same sort of attention. Run a pet story and push the corruption to a non-story. It’s what Kirchner went through.

    So god forbid a smaller construction company might wish to benefit from collecting all those free taxpayer dollars by being a part of the build up in Lancaster. What is the best way to get rid of that irritating little gnat of a company? Smear and slander the owner. It could be as simple as that or something much more complex. And we know that Lancastrians don’t do “complex.”

  10. huh? says:

    “compitition?” Not sure what you mean.

    As far as very large corporations muscling in on smaller ones… I suggest you talk to all the owners of mom and pop stores that were obliterated by Walmart. And local drug stores that were swallowed up by Rite Aid etc.

    For companies like High, everyone is in the cross hairs. Because the large corporation is everything plus muscle to be even bigger.

    And what bigger example of fealty to a business partner than aiming the press at a smaller corp.?

    BTW, as far as Murry goes, the company reaches in more states than Pa and some of their expansion might just surprise you.

  11. Interested says:

    While I agree that this is an interesting story I must take umbrage with your High vs. Murry thought. High Industries dwarfs Murry. Seriously. I can’t imagine High cares,any more or less of Murry on a business level than any other local “compitition”.

  12. huh? says:

    And if it is learned that the LNP was alerted by the person recording the meeting before the meeting took place and encouraged them to do so, so they could get a ‘scoop’ on High’s competitor Murry Construction and slander him, then there is a possibility that collusion to commit a crime could come into play as well.

    Anyone who thinks that this isn’t partly a High versus Murry plot isn’t paying attention.