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    Posted on March 1st, 2018 Becky 7 comments

           Just a reminder that I recently published a Petition to Intervene filed by High Industries on behalf of themselves and LNP (the PSP Partners) to fight Robert Field’s Right to Know request for information regarding their over $9 million CRIZ award for the Marriott Hotel expansion  (click here).
          I will work on getting these documents and any other updates on the PP&L v. MAW case from Lehigh County.



       …The parts of Sorace’s comments that bother me are her references to MAW providing the fiber optics for the cameras, street lights etc. I think that is the first anyone has heard of MAW doing anything else but broadband for the city. My gut feeling is that it is b.s. and the real problem is the 5 mil they handed over to a kid who hangs in his parents’ basement, basically. Otherwise the city would have deflected criticiam by saying MAW “did a great job on this and that”, and you can bet MAW would have touted it on its website, p.r. material, etc. Why wouldn’t they.
    Part of “Anon’s” answer to “Bill” under the comments on “A PETITION TO INTERVENE” below.
         I agree! Why didn’t we know this before? This is outrageous! And why is this such a “problem?”
         City Administrator Patrick Hopkins said this according to the LNP article, Official: It’s not risky for city to put up money for LanCity Connect broadband, and here’s why,” (click here):
         The loan terms will allow the city to take over the fiber network outright should MAW default, Hopkins said. It could then hire another firm to manage it.
         So, if it’s that easy – just hire another – legitimate – firm to manage it!
         These people are outright liars!



          This excellent comment in last evening:
          Anon, please correct me if I am off-base. The fact that the intervention is third party, is the one thing that gives me some hope that the City is beginning to move in the correct direction of distancing themselves from MAW. They may be beginning to finally realize the magnitude of trouble they are in and are beginning to not trust MAW 100%. I generally support this action as necessary to protect the taxpayer.
          There are other parts of the Mayor’s remarks regarding accountability for this waste of taxpayer money that seriously disappoint me though. Her assertion that they knew this would be a rocky road from the start seems disingenuous at this point, considering City Officials are on the record on multiple occasions billing this project with MAW as a slam dunk and seriously downplaying any risk. They also consistently denied in the past that the city has any stake or anything to lose in these legal proceedings.
          Finally, I am still severely disappointed she made no direct statement distancing the City from MAW. This only leads me to speculate that the City may have coerced/encouraged/directed MAW to make unauthorized attachments. The longer it takes for the City to separate from MAW, the more likely I believe this is.

    — “There is minimal risk in loaning money to the telecom company partnering with Lancaster on its fiber-optic broadband network, a city official said.” –
    Click here for, “Official: It’s not risky for city to put up money for LanCity Connect broadband, and here’s why.”       

    —  “The city is not a party to the matter, nor are we involved.” –
    Click here for, “State regulator investigating dispute between PPL and MAW over LanCity Connect broadband.”


    7 responses to “AFTERNOON UPDATE * NOT A SLAM DUNK!”

    1. Also, if there were fiber optics from MAW re street lights, cameras, etc., then Hopkins would have referenced that in the article where he talks about recouping any bad dead thru “infrastructure”. Time to pull out the street light/camera construction records (RTK request) and find out whose work it really is. Also, I am no engineer, but I dont think the D.O.T or anyone uses fiber optics in “street lights” and “cameras” and if they did, its doubtful they contract that out to a company with no experience like…you know…MAW Bell (It’s first name before it was forced to stop using it, through a court order – jusr as it will be with PP&L poles.

    2. Oh…and no criminal investigation by Stedman into any of this (fraud, etc.), because he is on the Board of the Asshole Cameras, and Police Chief’s Assoc., and trying to become a judge ann 90 other conflicts of interest. He knows the score.

    3. Sure would like to see any and ALL contracts MAW has with City of Lancaster. It is public record that should be readily available. Govt. contracts are supposed to be the MOST transparent of all public records. May, even, be on internet w/a call to the court house.

    4. Wait. If MAW already had fiber optics going thru city, why would they need PPL?

    5. One more thing: If the city is intervening, then they’re not paying for MAW’s lawyer anymore and I guarantee MAW doesnt have money for a lawyer. Look for a bankruptcy filing very soon. :-0

    6. Ii was thinking just that. I heard the statement’s of Lancaster new liar in chief and I immediately said to myself…”If MAW had been so critically involved in previous City projects, why hadn’t I ever heard that before?”

      That of course was followed by her “gag” order…using the PPL litigation to essentially say that is all we will be saying on the matter. It didn’t take her long to show her true colors – she is Rick Gray reincarnate!

    7. Shouldn’t LNP be investigating this as a ‘right to know’ for all Lancaster City residents/taxpayers?

      How far into the cookie jar are LNP’s fingers in this one?

      Boy…..if we only had a real newspaper in town.