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    Posted on March 26th, 2018 Becky 10 comments


         I am still trying to find out if a special hearing was held Friday morning in Lehigh County Court regarding a contempt of court hearing by PP&L against MAW Communications as reported by LNP (click here).
         I was in contact with a person with access to the court documents today who stated the last filing in the case was on March 22 and instructed MAW to file a written reply to “preliminary objections” within 30 days.
         I will continue to try to find out if LNP published this in error or if a hearing was held last Friday and the outcome of the hearing if held.


    Posted on Lancaster Online under the story, “Lancaster County detective division finalizes rank structure to lead task forces, crime units,” and the accompanying photo shown below (click here).

    *    Nick, Nick, Nick! This is Lancaster County! This is the normal everywhere! You should see the Lancaster City Police force.
         To explain: The monopoly news source here, LNP, is openly racist and you should see a photo of their editorial staff! They like it this way! It would not even occur to someone working there to notice the lack of diversity!
         Sad, but very true!



    From today’s special column in LNP, “New Lancaster Square will be by the people, for the people,” by Public Works Director Charlotte Katzenmoyer and Public Art Manager Joanna Davis (click here).

    From Sunday’s special section yesterday, “Lancaster County.”

         So which is it, Mayor Sorace? Are you talking out of both sides of your mouth? 
    Please check back later today.  



    1. There is one response to this article on LOL….which accurately describes the PSP white elephant…..will ‘the powers that be’ in Lancaster City ever learn????

    2. barry in winnipeg

      What do we even mean by “the norm” anymore? Is it “the new normal” for an ex-senator of the United States to demean the young people who spoke out against gun violence by telling them to learn CPR? My wife (a retired RN) reacted by saying “If you pump on a gunshot victim’s chest, all you do is make him bleed out faster.” Shouldn’t a man who put himself forward as a potential US President know at least that much? I, too, when I saw The County Detectives had the same first impression: “all white guys!” Is it normal for a judge wannabe not to know that diversity is an asset in a county with a growing number of non-white people? I think about the presidents of my grade school days, Truman and Eisenhower, and now the “new normal” of a President whose behavior led to the recent Sixty Minutes Interview. Is abnormal the new normal?

    3. Several months ago a friend posted this on Facebook:

      We in this country aren’t divided by issues of political philosophy. We’re divided by issues of civility and decency.

    4. barry: Santorum has been hanging on by his balls to stay relevant after his constituents resoundingly voted him out of office. As conservative a voter base as one can imagine, Lancastrians etc. saw Santorum for what he was and said NO MAS! And yet he is on TV incessantly saying whatever will give him more face time. He would never get voted back into office again. The man needs a job; his career lacks CPR.

      As for the Sorace Lancaster stuff. I can’t help but think of Erma Kaylor and how the 48 hours has turned into years with zero arrests. I often think of her as an example of how if you are nobody in the 1 percent, your murder is a mere footnote. The cops and the LNP gave more attention to a guy who entered an open garage and tried to steal a bicycle than they did to poor Erma. Elderly white women strangled and stabbed to death in third floor apartments are mere detritus in Lancaster land.

      Perhaps one of Sorace’s first real efforts could be toward highlighting all of the unsolved murder cases that sit in the round files at the cop shop. That homogeneous group of cops depicted don’t look as if they would ever have an ounce of street cred or any good gut connection to the community that they dis-serve.

    5. call the judge and ask his/her secretary or law clerk!

    6. Ok slightly drunk BUT BUT

      Any pictures of men with their hands over their balls are showing that they are liars and are trying hide something.

    7. Is that an English thing, galty? 🙂 🙂

    8. What’s the surpise? This is SOP under Stedman’s DA office, isn’t it? White, middle aged, mostly fat and out of shape men. No women, no minorities. How is it that in the 10 years Stedman’s been the DA that not one woman or minority has been able to rise up through the ranks of law enforcement (while Stedman has been the chief law enforcement officer) to hold a leadership position in the County Detectives office? In fact, I’m not sure there is a woman leading any police department in the county. And the political powers that want Stedman, who’s run a Peyton place of a DA’s office, to be a judge? What does that say about the Lancaster County GOP establishment? Sickening.

    9. Becky.

      Its a well known fact.

    10. Well, you are certainly correct about Stedman!