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    Posted on March 13th, 2018 Becky 8 comments

    *** BREAKING NEWS ***

         After moving the story off their homepage online, LNP has finally “corrected” the story, (click here):
         Geoffrey Opio Jr. faces a burglary charge after allegedly entering a home on Ridgewood Road at 6 a.m. Nov. 13, 2015.


          Jeffrey Chapman waived his preliminary hearing today according to his updated court docket and the Felony3 charge of “Aggravated Cruelty to Animals – Causing SBI or Death” will move to Common Pleas Court and his formal arraignment is scheduled for April 13, 2018.
         I most recently covered this in the below reprint from March 10th on this site (click here for the original and the links):


    *    Why don’t you change that sentence to read “Nov. 13, 2015,” LNP? Are you purposely trying to deceive the public? It sure looks that way!



         Geoffrey Opio Jr. faces a burglary charge after allegedly entering a home on Ridgewood Road at 6 a.m. Nov. 13.
         Again (see yesterday afternoon’s post), this is from the LNP article by Tom Knapp, Man burglarizes Lancaster Township home, flees when confronted, but leaves DNA sample behind,” (click here).
         This is the Manheim Township Police Press Release on the CrimeWatchPA website (click here):

          It says twice that the burglary happened in 2015 and even states: “following a lengthy burglary investigation…”
          It certainly was “lengthy,” taking two years and four months. LNP reporter Knapp just states on “November 13” and the only thing the reader can assume is it was committed this past November – four months ago.
         And LNP refuses to correct it. It reads exactly the same in this morning’s print edition. This company which has recently been advertising “world class journalism” and “verified” and “the truth” doesn’t have enough respect for their readers to correct this blatant, huge error!
          And then there is the question of how the police obtained a DNA match two years and four months later. As stated here yesterday, he has no prior adult criminal record in Pennsylvania. It is possible there is a spelling error in a docket entry and I am not finding it – although that is very slim. It is possible he committed a crime in another state and they took his DNA. Or he may have a juvenile record, which is not public, and they took DNA. I do not know the legalities involving juveniles and DNA and will try to get answers.
          And to the best of my knowledge, the photo running with the story is not his mugshot – it is his driver’s license photo. Inmates are not usually photographed with jewelry and a blue background and they have not arrested him! They have a warrant for his arrest.
          So, maybe LNP could have enough respect for their readers to correct the date of this burglary and ask the police how they obtained the DNA match. You can bet a good defense attorney is going to question how it was done and why it took two years and four months to do it!   



    1. The release of the DMV photo by the cops bring to mind that I still wonder if George Rosado EVER had a mugshot taken or if Stedman was able to put a permanent hold on releasing a mugshot due to his behavior when asked for one.

      I’m also thinking back to those emails and messages sent to Ron Harper by Stedman. He sure comes across as “Mr. Pissy Pants wanna be judge boy” in those letters. There’s no doubt after reading his messages to Harper that he is capable of immature, angry little boy behavior.

    2. I do have to laugh at their “dogged” determination to bring this hardened criminal to justice. No arrests on record that you’ve found in Pa. etc etc Meantime Erma Kaylor’s killer and others I am sure have left DNA all over the place. But hey we have to go after a guy who grabs a soda and a bike and then skedaddles when confronted. Wonder if the victims were high profile individuals who needed to be impressed by the cops?

    3. I was going to come back to Erma Kaylor. They have the killer’s DNA and why haven’t the police released the information that DNA gives them to the public – race, ethnicity, hair and eye color? Why hasn’t it been released?

    4. Why? Because in their eyes, and I base this opinion on their inaction, she was a nobody.

      I also often think if the man who owned the store in downtown Lancaster who was robbed and murdered. And …. crickets ….

      It is utterly unbelievable that Lancaster has so many unsolved murders. The percentage is staggering. And yet, the people in Lancaster just don’t seem to realize how they are NOT being served by their detectives and police force. It’s a really bad statistic that they don’t seem to think is of any significance.

      But rather sounding like I’m placing the blame on the citizens, they are never made fully aware of any of that. But boy oh boy, they got a DNA hit from a soda (?) can and it’s full steam ahead (albeit almost three years later)

    5. That’s hard to believe that Nap got something wrong.

    6. 🙂

    7. How could he miss that? He didn’t! He was either too lazy to try and “explain” it or his editors said it might make the police look bad. What reporter doesn’t include the year an event happened when it could not possibly have been in the current year?

    8. All Chapman has to do in order to get off or get a wrist slap fine, is dress up like an Amish, walk into court with his hands in his pockets, refuse to take off his straw hat, speak in a PA Dutch accent and have his high priced lawyer turn it into a religious freedom issue reminding the court that Amish are their own community and don’t need to follow laws us “English” must follow.