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    Posted on March 6th, 2018 Becky 17 comments


         What I know is this: When District Attorney Craig Stedman has his candidate Facebook page up to be a Superior Court Judge, there was some fancy fundraising event for Stedman and he and John H. May were pictured there together looking very chummy and the caption stated May was the president of the Lancaster Bar Association.
         And I said hmmm. Because I had just been looking up May and his law firm with District Judge Bruce Roth and I stumbled upon May’s lawsuit against John Yelcick and I wrote about it on this site (click here for “15 DAYS IN PRISON – YELCICK REVISTED”).
         And now I see in May’s bio that he used to work in the District Attorney’s office and he used to be a law clerk for Judge Madenspacher who gave Yelcick his 15 day sentence and I wonder if they worked a deal for that ridiculous and disgusting sentence (click here and it is the younger John H. May). A jury and the court would be much more sympathetic and award more money since Yelcick only spent 15 days in jail for his horrific crimes.
          Can Lancaster be that corrupt? With LNP as it’s “watchdog,” and never questioning the white, powerful and elite – sadly, yes, it can.
          There will be more tomorrow and there are also excellent comments under this post. 




    *   For some reason(!), LNP has kept Lloyd Smucker’s opinion column as a lead story for several days now (click here). Former LNP reporter Michael Deibert went after Smucker hard yesterday on his Twitter account. It is so wonderful this man had the sense and decency to leave unethical LNP and tell the truth!
         And Steinman Communications is one of those sycophants who have repeatedly donated to Smucker because he wrote the CRIZ legislation for them and they received millions of dollars. And LNP has this nasty editorial today: “Christina Hartman crossing borders to run for Congress smacks of carpetbaggery,” (click here).
         Well, everything LNP does smacks of being greedy, unethical and corrupt. Hartman knows she can’t win with LNP constantly backing up and promoting the disgusting Schmuck! Good move, Hartman!     




    (The headline from the front page of LNP’s print edition today. Click here to read the “insider” story online.)

         What in the world? I may have an answer – John H. May, Esq. – President of the Lancaster Bar Association (pictured right).
    Please check back later today.


    17 responses to “AFTERNOON UPDATE * JUDGE THIS!”

    1. Wouldn’t it be delicious if Deibert is the loose cannon that the LNP has feared all of these years?

      He wasn’t there long enough to have his tongue tied by a ‘no compete’ clause or a ‘keep your mouth shut’ departure bonus that was too large to refuse.

      I just can’t think of another reason that long time reporters and writers leave without a peep after leaving. Those departure checks must be mighty big and too tempting to turn down so as to be able to speak truth to power.

    2. It would be so delicious I don’t think I could stand it! 🙂 🙂

    3. OntheBeachbyNoon

      Keep in mind that May is the son of the greedy, smacked ass who knew Manor Township Police Chieff Todd Graeff was a corrupt S.O.B. when he moved his hiring up on the agenda w/o any notice to the public or police force and hired him in an illegal back room deal. I just read your archived article on it last nite. The BAR knows Stedman is also a corrupt S.O.B., but they dont want to make waves because they have to work with him. Hence two recommendations. I would not count on anything honest coming out of May, Jr’s mouth. Jayne Duncan is CLEARLY the most honest, upstanding, fair jurist for the position – the exact opposite of Stedman.
      It is interesting the Bar is pitting them against each other, when Judge Duncan was on the Judicial Disciplinary Board when Stedman went after HER over NOTHING, at a huge cost to taxpayers when he knew he had NO jurisdiction to, even, do that. Grandstanding, as usual, from him. He needs to go away.

    4. OntheBeachbyNoon

      I think I worked with Diebert in Miami. I will call him.

    5. Schmuck bought and paid!

      Have Diebert do a story on how the Schmuck will spin one of his staff members being paid by tax dollars while also serving as the full time republican committee of Lancaster county chairman!!!!

      Eric Reath has put his name in to become the Lancaster County Republican Party chairmen. Eric WORKS for the SCHMUCK! Eric did nothing as the chair for the Conestoga Valley committee and now the Schmuck is throwing that kid into becoming the county chair.

      So all you Republican committee lovers will have the chair of your party on Schmucker’s payroll. Literally!!!!!

      Can’t wait for the Republican sheeple to hear about this!

    6. Dear Schmuck bought and paid! Unfortunately this scenario is much too complex and complicated for the average sheep to understand and comprehend.

      Toss is a pro-abortion stance or an anti-evangelical opinion on behalf of this guy and they will pay attention. Oh, yea, and a #thanksobama or two. Otherwise they don’t have the comprehensive abilities of a Trump spawn.

    7. OntheBeachbyNoon

      If he is working on party biz on taxpayer time, that is illegal. They threw a Supreme Court Judge out for that..and her sister. Oh, never mind. They were women.

    8. Join Lancaster Stands Up

      How is anyone surprised?

      This is Lloyd Smucker to the core. He plants his whipping boy in the highest republican committee position there is in this county.

      To be fair, Eric Reath is not the chair at this moment but there are plans he will be. We have received all of the emails of current elected officials who also happen to chair their area committees (how is that legit?) supporting this Reath guy who is a paid employee of Congressman “I hide from my constituents” Smucker.

      The Elected Clerk of Courts
      The Sheriff
      Sent emails supporting Eric Reath. Word is they are both scared some rogue faction of their party plans to oust them so they are backing Smucker’s boy.

      The Elected Recorder of Deeds sent an email encouraging Eric Reath

      And Ray D’Agostino who should just admit he’s a democrat instead of lying about being a Republican also supports Eric’s run. Ray wants to be a commissioner so he will kiss any butt that leads him to that Office. Ray is a fraud and we have no respect for him since he pretends to be a Republican instead of speaking out for what is right. Smucker fires Ray but I guess their party has short memories.

      Lancaster is so crooked that you can be on a Congressman’s payroll and still become chair of the party sworn to watch over the congressman and make sure he’s doing right by his party and constituents. These frauds make this all so easy.

      Hey Smucker, hold a town hall so we can all meet your new party chair! Lying Lloyd reaches an all time low.

    9. Lancaster is historically a ‘keep your head down and we won’t chop it off’ kind of place. Standing up is standing out. Lancaster is a fine example of the one percenters controlling 99% of just about everything.

    10. Smucker isn’t the only one. This is par for the course in Lancaster. Most elected officials have campaign staffers on their public payroll that are also political operatives. Scott Martin is the worst because his campaign treasurer is also a paid Senate staffer.

      Terry Trego – former executive director of the Lancaster GOP

      Cindy Lonergan – Lancaster GOP committee person

      Marc Pugliese – Scott’s campaign manager and worked for PA House Republican Campaign Committee

      Angie Eichelberger – Lancaster GOP executive board secretary, Lancaster GOP committee person, elected state committee member AND TREASURER OF HIS CAMPAIGN PAC

      This can all be verified by simple Google searches and looking at his campaign reports on the state website.

    11. “Join Lancaster Stands Up” thank you for the information. Please forgive our friend “Ida.” She (or he) has a sick obsession with Scott Martin. It does not matter what the topic is referencing. Ida has to post about Martin. The obsession is so unhealthy one would venture to warn him that Ida may be lurking in his bushes.

      Pick a topic – Weather, crime, kicking puppies so on. Ida will use it as a reason to type about Martin. One would think she has a special coding on her key pad that one click will type “Scott Martin.” The love is real.

    12. OntheBeachbyNoon

      Or, she just thinks he is a corrupt politician who should be ousted….

    13. My corrupt politician key went bad so I replaced it with Scott Martin since they are synonymous.

      This blog is about revealing corruption in Lancaster. You thanked “Join Lancaster Stands Up” for their information but you failed to thank me. My information is also the truth.

      P.S. I’m typing this from the hot tub.

    14. Did you know Scott Martin has a hot tub? He does, really! 🙂 🙂

    15. I hope there’s a fence around that hot tub so that no one falls in “accidentally.” (shades of that pool story from so long ago involving the undertaker and the slut)

    16. Jim – your comments re Ida are confusing. Lots of us post about the things we uncover regarding this corrupt lot of 1 percenters who suck at the public teat. The info that Ida posted was pertinent to the topic at hand.

    17. OntheBeachbyNoon

      1. i believe Pugliese the corrupt west hempfield township police chief who lied to county commissioners so they would vote to encrypt police radio so police wont get “ambushed” (by news reporters!)
      2. No one is “pro abortion”. Try “pro choice.”