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    Posted on March 28th, 2018 Becky 10 comments

    3-29-18 UPDATE 

         Luis Colon-Colon’s guilty plea scheduled for today did not occur and was continued. His docket now indicates a trial date of June 4, 2018.
         Have a wonderful Easter. LIP News will be on vacation until Monday, April 2nd.


         Former Mayor J. Richard Gray defended Luis Colon-Colon three times in 2002 and 2003 and those cases from his court summary are below (and it looks like he did a “good” job):




    Luis Colon-Colon

    Ruby & Charlie Warfel

         Luis Colon-Colon (or Colon) is scheduled to plead guilty tomorrow afternoon in the Lancaster County Courthouse before Judge Margaret C. Miller. His pit bull attacked and severely injured young children Charlie and Ruby Warfel on June 19, 2017 (click here for their GoFundMe page where their mother tells the horrific story).
          His charges are below. According to the police press release on the case, in July of 2013 the same dog bit a four-year old grandchild of Colon-Colon (click here).
          Back in 2002 and 2003 he faced serious charges in three unrelated cases and he was represented in each one by former Mayor J. Richard Gray. He is represented in the current case by private attorney Osvaldo Espinosa of Espinosa & Associates, Llc.

    Please check back later today.



    1. Becky
      You did a story a while ago on Scott McQuilkin who was found dead
      Is Heather Martin in your report the same Heather Martin that Was married to State Senator Scott Martin at the time?
      Scott McQuilkin’s.
      Was found dead
      At apartment 200
      Creamery Road.
      Again D.A Craig. Stedman would not provide any answers. Sounds like more of the same cover up for Martin


      What happened with this story? And is that the same Heather Martin that was married to Scott Martin At that time
      and the mother of his
      2 sons ?

    2. No! Different Heather Martin! They were both sentenced. Interesting – I’ll check to see if they are still in prison. IIRC they got about five years each.

    3. Madenspacher cut their sentences in half.
      Responding to Post Sentence Motions filed by their attorneys, he made the sentences for the two counts run concurrently, instead of the previously ordered consecutively. So instead of a minimum of 10 years in prison, each now must serve a minimum of five-and-one half years.
      The Order for both Reed and Stewart reads:
      AND NOW, this 29th day of May 2012, the sentence in the above captioned case is hereby modified as follows: Count two (2) is to run concurrent with Count one (1). The Clerk of Courts shall file a modified DC-300B.


    4. I just did a PA prison lookup for the two and neither one showed up.

    5. Ya know. One look at former mayor Dick’s client list over the years should give you an idea why Lancaster turned into a crime ridden sh*thole during his tenure.

    6. barry in winnipeg

      We break into this regularly scheduled grip session on how bad Lancaster is to bring you a startling development ahead of CNN and the New York Times! The Canadian Government has agreed to fund and build the entire Southern USA Border Wall out of recycled Molson Canadian Beer Cans, in exchange for the USA’s agreement to build a Northern Wall on their side of the border to keep out all the Americans trying to flee north for free health care after ObamaCare collapses! Yes, you heard it here first!

      And, yes, this was your first APRIL FOOL’S FAKE NEWS ITEM. For more FAKE NEWS, there;’s always Lancasteronline (see how I did that?} Happy Easter to you all!

    7. Good one, Barry! Happy Easter to you as well.

      I forgot to add this afternoon that LIP News will publish briefly tomorrow and then go on Easter break until Monday.

    8. I look at the photos of those two sweet kids and can’t even begin to imagine what their mother was faced with when she entered the vehicle. I also remember a lot of truly heartless people posting under the story, in a typical rule bound Lancaster way, blaming her for turning her head for a millisecond and “neglecting” her children. As if this unleashed ball of vicious, aka dog, leapt into and on top of her children.

      And then the pro pitbull versus anti pitbull arguments that were waged in the comments section. I can only hope that her family didn’t have time to read the trash that was posted. The statistics compiled by the Dangerous Dog List in Lancaster don’t lie: Of the 346 single-breed dogs on the list, more than half — 186 — are identified as American Pit Bull Terriers. Pit bulls also show up most often on the list of mixed-breed dogs for which breeds are identified. Of 104 such mixed-breed dogs, 47 are listed as part pit bull

      I re-read the story that was put up on the gofundme account and know that even though they reached their goal that these parents would give everything back to be able to have changed those few precious seconds when that hound from hell attacked all of them.

      I am glad that Colon decided to plead guilty. It relieves the mother of having to testify on the stand, take time away from her now very complicated and time consuming life what with the care her children now require. And not to have to testify and relive those horrific moments and probably have to justify her actions.

      Thank you for the update Becky.

    9. Have great Easter!!

    10. Hope that your Easter celebration includes family and friends, Becky. Happy Easter!