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    Posted on March 12th, 2018 Becky 9 comments


          Geoffrey Opio Jr. faces a burglary charge after allegedly entering a home on Ridgewood Road at 6 a.m. Nov. 13.
    From the LNP story, “Man burglarizes Lancaster Township home, flees when confronted, but leaves DNA sample behind,” (click here).
         Reporter Tom Knapp should have included that this burglary occurred on November 13, 2015! It is clearly stated in the police press release he rewrote (click here). The release also states:
           Using a DNA sample obtained from the drink container, Opio was positively identified as the person who committed this burglary.
         How and why were they able to match Opio’s DNA? Where and why was it on file? Did he commit a serious crime in another state? Because he has no other charges in Pennsylvania.
          How did they match his DNA? Shouldn’t the police and Knapp tell us?    


    *   From today’s Lancaster City Police Log (click here):
    OCCURRED 3/5/2018 BETWEEN 0400 HRS AND 1329 HRS
    Juan Delvalle,  72, of the 500 block West Orange Street, Lancaster PA believing that there was someone in his apartment and while attempting to manipulate his weapon discharged the weapon.  The bullet lodge in the wall of the victim’s apartment.  Delvalle was arrested and charged with Reckless Endangerment and Criminal Mischief.  



          Yes. And I, as David’s sister, appealed to his [Mayor Gray’s] ‘right hand man’, Pat Brogan, for any kind of help. I was ignored. No return email. Nothing.
    Posted on Lancaster Online by Dave Porter’s sister under the LNP article, ” ‘Tornado Alley’ is closing, owner Dave Porter says; buyer of Ruby Street property may keep backyard basketball court open,” (click here).  
         Is anyone surprised? 
    Please check back later today.  



    1. This is a great example of the “legacy” of Richard Gray and his right hand man Brogan. There was not payback, no political advantage to help out a city institution like Tornado Alley. After all, all those little boys and girls are just collateral damage in his garden district frame of mind. They couldn’t give him anything so they were not worth any sort of attention.

    2. PS is there a back story on the reckless endangerment guy?

    3. No, no back story. I saw it and just think it’s interesting. He’s charged with almost the same as the two white guys who purposely shot into an occupied house in Lititz.

      No prior record I can find. Two traffic citations – one in 2015 and one in 2012.

    4. And then there is this story. Will the man be charged?

      Sunday morning shooting outside Manheim Township bar appears to be accidental, police say

    5. Tax breaks for the Con, but no help for a guy who’s had a more positive impact on Lancaster than all the trendy art projects and hanging flower pots.

    6. Thoughts on DNA match:

      DNA collected in all states is on a centrally located database. I think it’s called CODIS. If he ever had his collected for whatever reason, it would be there.

      Or the local police could have surreptitiously collected his DNA if they had any idea of who committed the crimes.

      Or they could have taken him in for questioning since it appears that he could have been chosen from a photo line up by the victim(s). Then the cops could have asked for a DNA sample. If he was clueless about the cup, he might have thought that it was no harm, no foul to agree to have his cheek swabbed.

    7. The old guy’s gun discharging appears to be accidental as well. However, his first name is Juan so they will probably ask for the death penalty.

    8. From the comments below the burglary article:
      William R. Good · Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania
      And how did they know his DNA? Well-l-l… a previous arrest of course. It’s a good thing he didn’t get shot or the white home owner would have been in deep excrement for being a racist. Matter of fact, isn’t LOL being racist by showing his mug-shot?

      Brian Quarry
      Where does it say that the homeowner is white?

      There are times I could kiss some of the commenters. Obviously William R. Good didn’t check to see that there were no previous arrests in Pennsylvania.

    9. In the UK with serious crimes they not only take finger prints at the seen but also DNA.

      These are stored, and with a few cases latly rapists from the 1980s have been convicted because the police take DNA from much lesser crimes(such Being a yob) to compare…if nothing is found those dna samples will be deleted after 6 months….but never for serious crimes they are still on file and always will be.