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UPDATE – I have multiple calls in regarding this morning’s court hearing between PP&L and MAW Communications. If I receive any information this afternoon it will be posted.



**   Posted on Lancaster Online under the LNP editorial, “Help Find Sophie reports are disturbing and should be examined before the site gets a second chance [opinion],” (click here).
     I pulled that filing this morning and there is no Board of Directors listed and according to “Robert” at the PA Department of State/Corporations by phone today, a board does not have to be listed on the paperwork. The paperwork for the 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation status and the Statement of Purpose for “Help Find Sophie” will be published here tomorrow.        

*    In a court petition, PPL claims MAW Communications committed “blatant, bad-faith violations” of a Dec. 22 court order.
     PPL is seeking to have MAW held in contempt of court. A hearing on the matter is set for Friday morning in Lehigh County Court.
From the LNP article, “PPL escalates court battle with MAW over pole usage for LanCity Connect,” (click here).
     That is today. Stay tuned.



     In response to a Right to Know request, below please find the January 2018 invoice from the Washington D.C. law firm of Best Best & Krieger for their work on behalf of the city and MAW Communications regarding their attachments on PP&L poles. This, combined with their previously published charges through December 31, 2017, totals $22,740 paid to Best Best & Krieger to date.


  1. huh? says:

    “Help Find Sophie reports are disturbing and should be examined before the site gets a second chance [opinion],”

    In the meantime, reports on the mega million dollars of taxpayer money given to the PSP are quite disturbing. Certainly should be examined.

    The LNP once again going after a little guy while hiding wholesale corruption.

  2. ... - - - ... says:

    Thanks again.

    Maybe I’m inferring too much but I read the 2 hour meeting on January 29th, “Discuss Alternatives for Pursuing Project,” as the lawyers gently trying to convey to the city that there is not much legal hope.

    Will any results of today’s hearing be made publicly available?

  3. LNP Sucks Too says:

    Yes, but they will cover the various components that make up the big pig stomach vs hog maw issue

  4. Talking says:

    Well done on the legal invoices. KEEP SHEDDING LIGHT, we all know that LNP will NOT!