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    Posted on March 3rd, 2018 Becky 14 comments

    OH, IT FELL!

         On a somewhat lighter note, this just cracks me up and I suppose copy editors are a thing of the past.
         LNP reporter Konstantine Fekos states a tree “reportedly” fell on a house right above a picture of the huge tree on the house (click here). He is a ridiculously bad reporter and writer!
         Speaking of reporters, LNP is looking to hire several, so if you can do as well as Fekos, by all means apply (click here). And my sympathies to the owners of that house!



    *    Jordan Russell was sentenced to two years of probation. That is correct – two years of probation.
         Both men were charged with the following:
    —  1 count – F3 – Discharge of a Firearm into an Occupied Structure
    —  1 count – M2 – Recklessly Endangering Another Person    
         For an unknown reason, the District Attorney’s Office withdrew the felony charge for the discharge of a firearm at both of their preliminary hearings.
         So in a negotiated plea deal, Russell pleaded guilty to  the lesser charge and received a sentence of two years probation. He is at least prohibited from owning a firearm and can have no contact with the victim or the victim’s family.
         According to his docket, it is not clear whether Ronald Brown intends to plead guilty this coming Tuesday or go to trial on April 16th.
         Why did the District Attorney’s office withdraw the more serious charge in both cases? Is it because, as posted under the LNP article, Brown’s mother is a retired cop?
         Their charges were light, their bail amount was very light (neither one has spent a single day in jail), the more serious charge was withdrawn for some unknown reason and two years probation is also very light especially considering the LNP article states they had done this previously.
         This is part of a comment posted under the LNP story:
         Please take off your rose tinted glasses. Do you really think if these were two Black kids, they’d have bail set at $5000? One of the shooters has a mommy who’s an ex-Warwick Township cop. You don’t think that factored into this butt kissing bail? This is White privilege at it’s finest.
         This has to stop! This has been going on in Lancaster County for far too long! And District Attorney Craig Stedman wants to be a judge? Absolutely not! Justice must be equal but Stedman doesn’t seem to understand or abide by that basic principle!
         I will follow-up on the outcome in Brown’s case.


          Jordan Russell below pleaded guilty in a negotiated plea deal on February 9, 2018 before Judge Merrill M. Spahn. Would anyone like to guess his sentence?
    —  Click here for the June 26, 2017 LNP article, “2 charged with shooting into Lititz home” and here for the original of the below on this site.
    Please check back later today.



    1. Another example of a guy whose parent was a cop. Ronald Brown’s mom IIRC. Like that Hempfield kid.

      I couldn’t find any reference to their sentences. Do they have boot camp for adults? You know… like the Hempfield kid’s sentence.

    2. can’t find the article. what was the sentence?

    3. LNP didn’t cover the sentence. They only did the one article about them being arrested and charged.

    4. Thanks.

      I just “love” all the comments under the article that state “this isn’t about race.” Uh, duh, yes it is.

      I didn’t dare post my 100K bail for stealing cardboard comparison.

    5. If memory serves. There was a Black kid who did the same thing a week or so later in Lancaster and bail was set at $100,000 dollars

    6. OntheBeachbyNoon

      Actually, they are just being cautious. Because, technically, if the tree didn’t really fall on the house, like…say it was pushed into the house…it could sue LNP for libel or false light, alleging that the paper implied it was weak…or clumsy, for e.g. After all…if a prosecutor can “indict a ham sandwich”… Oh…never mind. Craig Stedman hasn’t convened a grand jury once in ten years. LMAO

    7. Have a bunch of company here at the house. I said to them, you have to hear this. First I read your headline “OH, IT FELL” and then your description. Then I read the headline that accompanied the article. EVERYONE in the room laughed out loud immediately. Thank you for giving me a funny start to the day.
      Onthebeachbynoon hits the nail on the head as to the nature of the way Lancastrians think.
      So, if a tree falls on a house and an LNP reporter isn’t there to witness it firsthand, did it really happen?
      And for once, an actual LNP employee Blaine Shanahan was actually there to take a photo. Wonder if he is scratching his head. Oops. Wonder if he is reportedly scratching his head.
      Last thought for the day before I get rolling with my company, Fekos’ name sounds like the name of a yoghurt company.

    8. OntheBeachbyNoon

      That tree looks very menacing. I would run a background check to make sure it hasnt engaged in this type of behavior before. And i agree about Fekos. Sounds alot like feces, too.

    9. barry in winnipeg

      Does the allegedly fallen tree have a lawyer? Did anyone tell the tree that it has a right to remain silent? We need to know these things!

    10. I believe that tree is about to feel the wrath of a chain saw – maybe several! Justice will be done! 🙂

    11. OntheBeachbyNoon

      It has no rights. This is Lancaster County….

    12. barry in winnipeg

      Would the tree’s legal outcome be different if (1) it was a white oak or (2) a black maple? Maybe–according to your reporting–it would in Lancaster County?!

    13. Fekos is one of many staff members who apparently left the company recently.

    14. He did leave. He married LNP site producer Meagan Finnerty in October and she has moved back to Pittsburgh for a job and he obviously went withy her!