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    Posted on March 24th, 2018 Becky 2 comments


         The incorporation paperwork for “Help Find Sophie” from the Pennsylvania Department of State is below. The Facebook page has been up and down (mostly down) in the last few days but the last time I checked she had over 17,000 followers and her page was the one known place to go when a pet was lost. While I obviously do not support her demanding donations in order for a person to reconnect with their lost pet, at some point this had/has to take up huge amounts of her time and effort.
         And LNP thinks the District Attorney should investigate “Help Find Sophie” but doesn’t say a word or demand an investigation into MAW Communications taking the taxpayers to the bank for the tune of over $5 million dollars? How much money has LNP received from MAW and why? The DA needs to also investigate that. Yes, LNP, I am outraged – at you!
          There will be much more to come.



         The latest LNP ad for themselves in today’s print edition.

         The wording begins “Be outraged.” Oh, I am and I am outraged at LNP and their failure to cover very important issues!
    Please check back later today.



    1. So it took a partner (who presumably has the expertise to handle this matter) 2.9 hours to review documents, develop strategy and prepare a memo. And then another partner sticks it to the taxpayers of the city of Lancaster by billing another 2.5 hours to “edit” that same memo by a different partner. That would be hilarious if not so outrageous. Classic law firm billing nonsense. Let the rape of the taxpayer begin.

    2. Unfortunately the history of the folks there reflects an attitude that those at the top care about you and do what’s best for you and are smarter, richer, and (insert positive quality here)and better equipped to make decisions that will do what’s best for all the “little guys.”

      That’s the mantle of deception they’ve worn for generations. Hand out a couple of scholarships every year… scholarships that don’t take a dime out of their pockets … and short term memory loss folks will think you’re the greatest.

      Rape is a good word for what has happened time and time again. Non-consensual and unconsciousness brought on by keeping all the truth away from the populace amounts to such.

      My bet is that this upcoming generation of owners will sell the whole shebang after having fleeced every single available tax dime and head on down to Beliz or some other country that doesn’t have extradition laws.