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    Posted on March 2nd, 2018 Becky 7 comments
    *    There is late breaking news into this site from a commenter (thank you!) – and I have verified it – that Penn B. Glazier has recused himself from the custody hearing between Amber Martin (wife of State Senator Scott Martin and the Lancaster County Treasurer) and her ex-husband Gerald Green. The topic was raised in the comments on this site several days ago (click here).


         LNP has suddenly gone from it’s glowing reports on MAW Communications regarding their knowledge, expertise and vast experience in the industry to calling them a “small” company apparently under attack by big, mean PP&L! From this morning’s article:
          Then, in December, PPL sued MAW, saying the small company had installed equipment on PPL’s poles without authorization.
         Well, MAW did just that and should have obviously known better. And since when are they “small,” LNP reporter Tim Stuhldreher? I reported back in March of 2017 that MAW owns a building in Reading valued at $89,100 (click here). Shouldn’t you have realized a long time ago that they were “small” and lacked knowledge, expertise and experience? Shouldn’t you and your editors have been honest with the public and told the truth? Isn’t that your jobs?
         Billy Weisser, who spoke to city council twice and has done more research than the entire Gray and Sorace administrations (and LNP), and who has been completely ignored by LNP, went under this morning’s LNP article and laid out the truth and I strongly suggest you read his comments.
         LNP’s failure to truthfully inform and protect the public on this over $4.7 million dollar debacle is absolutely shocking! And they ran a new full page ad for themselves in today’s print edition and state this:
         LNP is committed to being the best community newspaper in America.
         Oh, do they have a long, long way to go because as of right now they are among the worst in America and it can be argued that they are not a newspaper at all but a greedy, corrupt, lying and racist company posing as a “media organization.”
         Those are strong words but they are deserved and there will be much more in the coming weeks.
         Have a safe and fun Friday on this wild and stormy night.         



           LNP reporter Tim Stuhldreher uses the adjective “small” for MAW twice in today’s small article, “Lancaster files ‘petition to intervene’ in PPL lawsuit over LanCity broadband network,” (click here).      
          Never before in all of his numerous glowing stories about MAW has he ever referred to them as “small!”
          How small is MAW?
    Please check back later today.  



    1. If LNP had any ‘investigative’ reporters, this would be a great story to investigate.

      Unfortunately, LNP ‘reporters’ simply regurgitate the sound-bytes and print-bytes that they are given by e-mail, fax and voice-mail.

      Lancaster City and County residents/taxpayers deserve better than this.

      If we only had a real newspaper………..

    2. I just had to point out that this is not the first we have heard about MAW doing prior work for the city or the first we have heard that they already had fiber in the city (see link below to a story from March 2017 explaining that the city first reached out to Verizon and then did a few smaller projects with MAW before entering into the current contract).

      I can also find information online that they have contracted with at least Reading for a prior hotspot project and with Governor Mifflin School District for a broadband network that the school district ultimately bought from them after leasing for around 7 years.

    3. I know that a school district sued the owner for back taxes and that is on this site. I don’t know about Governor Mifflin School District but I will try to find out. And yes, one hotspot in Reading! Are you kidding me?

    4. The Reading School District took Frank Wiczkowski, the owner of MAW Communications, to court in 2001 for back taxes he owed in the amount of $1,954.55. Lancaster city is loaning MAW $1.5 million and plans to pay them over an additional $3 million for LanCity Connect.


    5. Unfortunately because the LNP is involved in so many for profit, private sector businesses that also include the city, the courts, and even law enforcement (the cameras around town), they will NEVER broach anything wrong, corrupt or below board that any of these entities might engage in.

      It is even impossible to find out how MAW came to be known to the city to enter into a contract with them.

      The city is essentially being run and tax monies looted by a cabal. And when the newspaper is a part of that corrupt organization, citizens are f*cked.

    6. MAW – a mystery

      Closed circuit cameras around town – a mystery

      Police radio traffic – encrypted

      Shell corporation set up by High to purchase three buildings on E. King before CRIZ money was approved.

      Buildings downtown owned by the city sold before opening for bid – a mystery.

      All of the precious, multi-million objects in the museum where the visitors center now is – publicly unaccounted for.

      Restoration of Thaddeus Stevens home – stalled

      Destruction approved on 19th century buildings – Historic Preservation Trust blanket approvals

      Neglect of the Montgomery House that has been written about extensively but unknown to local residents

      And on and on and on and on. Common denominator? The city, a “pet” construction company and the newspaper.

    7. I strongly urge, that NO ONE SIGN UP FOR LANCCITY CONNECT or anything that “partners” with the city. The fact that the city calls MAW its partner, loaned it money, supplied fiber optics on the a**hole cameras, that Lancaster city and county do everything under the table, encrypt police radio, etc., means YOUR INFORMATION WILL NOT BE SECURE!!! Oh, they would need a search warrant, you say. Bull sh*t. The police, other law enforcement, courts, newspaper and more are as corrupt in Lancaster as anywhere I have ever been and I am warning all of you right now: You do not need them in your life / business and you need to not give them info on ANYTHING.Comcast internet is the same price as MAW would have been. This “public private partnership” was bullsh*t from the start. DON’T DO IT!