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    Posted on March 27th, 2018 Becky No comments


    *   I spoke to the woman in Lehigh County Judge Edward D. Reibman’s chambers this morning. He is presiding over the PP&L lawsuit against MAW Communications. She stated there was a hearing on Friday that went all day and will resume tomorrow at 1:30 in his courtroom. Apparently at least some of the hearing is regarding Lancaster City’s Motion to Intervene in the case.
         I will stay on top of this and this must be costing the city a very pretty penny in legal fees. I will file a Right to Know request for those fees as this is an entirely different law firm from my previous Right to Know requests. The city hired the Pittsburgh firm of the Cohen Law Group specifically  to file and argue for the Motion to Intervene.



         Lancaster City Council meets tonight. On the agenda: “Overview of 2017 Bureau of Police activities” and several Historical Commission applications and recommendations (click here for the full agenda).
         Hopefully, Tony Dastra will be live-streaming it on his “See-thru City – Lancaster, PA” Facebook page.
         Under a recent LNP story on the last city council meeting, Tim Gregg, retired Fire Chief and friend of former Mayor Rick Gray, lashed out at new member Janet Diaz under the comments (click here for “Councilwoman urges broader representation on city boards, commissions”). Tony Dastra came back with this excellent response:
         Ms. Diaz is a breath of fresh air to the council. She is unafraid to go against the grain. To point out her unpreparedness is unfair, as someone who is always at council meetings I could point out how many individuals seem to fall short of being prepared at times, but that’s not what this is about.
         Ms. Diaz can vote however she would like, and I appreciate her willingness to hear all people of the city. I think her, and anyone really, voting no makes Council a more legitimate institution because it reveals there is thought going into these decisions, and perhaps also reveals that there is not enough discussion going on. Ms. Diaz motivates me to remain engaged, because I feel someone is actually listening, and won’t just vote for something because that’s the way the crowd will go.

         Dastra also asked the council several weeks ago to re-instate a question and answer session to their meetings. We’ll see if anything comes of that and when Mayor Sorace plans to take over the duties of live-streaming these very important meetings.
    Please check back later today.

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