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    Posted on February 26th, 2018 Becky 5 comments


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         He is a rising star! Our community is so lucky to have him.
    Posted on Lancaster Online under the article about Tony Dastra.
         Yes, he is a rising star and wonderful! There is a city council meeting tomorrow night at 7:30 pm and hopefully he will be there to live-stream it!
         It is only because of Dastra that we know that city resident Billy Weisser has now twice addressed city council knowledgably about MAW Communications and LanCity Connect and his excellent questions have never been answered and LNP has completely ignored the fact that he spoke and the questions he raised.
         And speaking of MAW, the following Right to Know request was emailed to the city today:
         A copy of all invoices received and a ledger of all payments made to the Washington, D.C. law firm of Best Best & Krieger for their work on negotiations between the city, PP&L and MAW Communications (LanCity Connect) regarding the attachments of MAW Communications’ equipment on PP&L poles after the date of February 9, 2018 (which is when you state you received and later emailed me on February 14th the December 2017 invoice from Best Best & Krieger).
         There will be more tomorrow.

    *     Now that Michael Deibert is no longer employed by LNP and thus I have respect for him, I will follow his very interesting Twitter account (see yesterday’s post).
         Meet him this Friday at 7pm at the Community Mennonite Church at 328 W. Orange Street in Lancaster.



         From today’s LNP print opinion page. What an interesting juxtaposition! Since Stedman is the top law enforcement officer in the county, maybe LNP should demand answers from him regarding the encryption of police radio broadcasts!
         There will be more later today.
     Click here for the online LNP editorial, “Encryption of police radio broadcasts is now a reality in Lancaster County, and still wrong.”      
    —  Click here for Stedman’s “special column,” “Proposed Pennsylvania law would grant victims the constitutional rights they deserve.”       



    1. Has anyone seen the real mayor lately? Locating her is the Lancaster version of “Where’s Waldo?”

    2. I wonder if they’ve tried the LNP editorial boardroom? 😉

    3. Regarding police encryption: D.A. Craig Stedman sits on the board of the Lancaster County Chiefs of Police Association, the group that convinced County Commissioners to encrypt. Their “chief” argument was that, “An irresponsible journalist might hear a social security number over a scanner and report it to the public” That argument went in the trash – where it belongs – when Manor Twp Police released my own SS# on three non-traffic citations. LNP printed my letter to the editor on the issue on 12/4/17. Stedman went into the trash – where he belongs – when his office refused to redact the personal info, even tho that is the LAW. LNP went into the trash – where it has ALWAYS belonged – when it refused to print my second letter to the editor asking why the highest ranking LEO in the county refuses to correct the illegal practices and policies of those under him (police chiefs). I have, since, obtained Lifelock…and a COURT ORDER from Lancaster County Common Pleas Court. If Lancaster County Commissioners do not feel like idiots for believing these liars, they SHOULD, because they have been made complete fools of. I wonder if they will change their vote when officers start to die, left and right, from this very dangerous practice of encryption. Study after study has shown encrypting police radio benefits NO ONE BUT police ADMINISTRATORS who have something to hide and want to operate with ZERO oversight. They already had that in Craig Stedman. Now, they have another layer of secrecy. God forbid if there is a school shooting here.

    4. LNP has long been a butt kisser of the status quo and people in positions of authority that guard the stays quo’s interests. They don’t boat rock, not do they allow boat rocking in their comments section.

    5. SpellCheckSucksToo