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    Posted on February 23rd, 2018 Becky 5 comments


    (Click here to watch the press conference.)

         The Central York School District has been closed for the last three days because of threats. The officials have not decided if they will open on Monday.



    *    I am going to briefly switch to national news. My Facebook feed was clogged in the last few days with posts like the above. They were all coming from someone I knew briefly many years ago. He posts twenty or thirty of them a day.
          And last night I had enough. If someone you know is posting this trash tell them to get mental help and unfriend them! Seriously. It is disgusting and they need to be told that this is not acceptable and decent people will not abide it.



         Oh my Sweet Lord. Your current President now wants to arm teachers to stop school shootings. According to his own estimate, the number of armed teachers would total more than the sum of all police officers in the US! And his party just cut funds for school security officers. Meanwhile your DA wants to become a Judge. Maybe he should insist that every citizen of Lancaster County must carry a handgun to cut down on crime! He’d get backing from the NRA. Perhaps the Amish could get a waiver and just carry pitchforks. And on it goes in the Keystone State…
    This comment in from Barry in Winnipeg last night.
         And on it goes…
    Please check back later today.



    1. Thats like the idiots who say Sandy Hook never happened. No holocaust, either. Why I am not on Facebook. Did you see the loser lawmaker on natl news who claimed kids rallying in Tallahassee were actors? A lawmaker? WHAT is with the NRA?

    2. Having been personally involved in an issue which has made local and national news for a few years I wonder if ANY journalists fact check before writing. With the down turn in profit the print media has experienced I often wonder if a reporter isn’t allowed enough time for fact checking anymore or if I’m deluding myself into thinking they used to.

    3. OntheBeachbyNoon

      what issue? what facts? fact check what? how. some facts have to be checked. no one is worth being sued over. it is possible to check facts six ways from sideways and be given wrong info. if no one brings it to their attention how would they know they are wrong? if they dont “fact check”, it makes for a very short work week. what i dont understand is why no one has called to ask d-a if the emails on this site were written by him. Or gotten the autopsy report on the dj who died. folo up is way more lacking then fact checking. not fact checking results in lawsuits. dont flatter yourself. cant be that big of a story.

    4. I don’t like to waste a lot of time posting comments as I realize it’s quite unimportant. So I’ll leave it to you to write a diatribe about the difference between fact checking and follow up.

    5. Doesnt sound like u were that concerned. prob wasn t a big story.