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    Posted on February 24th, 2018 Becky 3 comments


         From the “City of Lancaster, PA Government” Facebook page (click here).


    3 responses to ““THE CITY’S PRIORITIES ARE A JOKE!””

    1. Proof positive that stupidity just can’t be fixed.

    2. OntheBeachbyNoon

      Perfect timing! …Same week police radio transmissions are cut off to everyone else in Lanc County except police. That means ambulance fire & other rescue people, volunteers (well,who might have wanted to if they knew they were needed.) So if there is an emeregency, or cops needed people to stear clear or whatever, how the f*ck would we know. Hope everything goes smooth and cops dont need anyone.

    3. OntheBeachbyNoon: And also the fact that the district attorney has absolutely no problem with hiding the names of officers who shoot and wound or kill people. And just like every one cheering that decision, the people who comment on the encrypting and say they think it’s just great probably have never ever been in the job of an EMT or other emergency personnel who rely on those transmissions. Now, if there is an active shooter, the ambulance crew will have no way of knowing what they are driving into. Also if there is the danger of an explosion etc. Those ambulances get rolling and if the dispatcher doesn’t fill them in on everything – and sometimes that can happen because of how critical an incident can be – the fire and EMT dispatchers will have no idea and can’t tell them. But hey, now the cops are getting one more protection that apparently they need to continue to fly under the radar of open criticism and critiques. Guess the DA is too busy to bother with transparency.