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    Posted on February 1st, 2018 Becky 10 comments

    * I am doing some research this afternoon. LIP News will be back tomorrow.




    Click here to email Governor Tom Wolf through his website (his phone, fax and mailing address are above) and click here to read the LNP article pictured.

         The voters did not want him but his cronies figured out how to get him in office.
    One of many negative comments on Lancaster Online under the LNP article.
         Isn’t that the truth! This whole selection process by State Senators Ryan Aument and Scott Martin was nothing but a joke! What a disgrace.
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    10 responses to “* “SELECTION PROCESS” WAS A JOKE!”

    1. Did ANYONE even think that the outcome would be any different?

      Will the fellow candidates for the position speak out and have something to say?

      Or are they all tied in to the bullshit that is Lancaster and surrounding environs and won’t make a peep or a sound of opposition?

    2. Ok, I am not saying he was my first choice. In fact, he was not. But please be accurate. You feature the comment that the voters did not want him. That was a state wide result. He won Lancaster County by almost 11,000 votes. This is a Lancaster Country Bench position. He clearly has the voter mandate based on that. Furthermore, he was rated “highly recommended”. Now, you may not agree but they do not just hand those ratings out.

    3. Interested, it’s not just Becky… read the comments under the article and there are incidents and occurrences cited that have never seen the light of day on Becky’s posts.

    4. Didn’t Stedman do some kind of favor for a relative of Scott Martin who got arrested?

    5. Huh? I apologize for implying it’s only Becky. In fact, I know it was not her comment. Although she did post it. I get it. Stedman is not one of my favorites. I know him enough to have a fairly good idea of who he is. Passionate and dedicated as well as well intended. He is also myopic and can be self righteous. As I said, he was not my first choice. That being said, I believe my points were justified. Clearly to site his state wide election results as relevant here is just not being aware of basic facts. Furthermore, the recommendation is not just idly handed out. You can argue “politics” all you want, and to some extent you would be correct, but to purely dismiss his acumen is as partisan as accusations against him.

    6. Cite, not site.

    7. Equal application of the law is enshrined in our constitution. Doing so even when it is a relative of a friend is a test of ones integrity, perhaps the most severe one may face. Stedman failed that test regarding Martin’s sister and Cutler’s BIL IMO. A shame as overall I think he does believe in Justice, just not for all equally. That should be disqualifying….in a perfect world.

    8. Scott, this is Ryan. I really pulled the wool over the eyes of all those idiots who voted for me. I got maximum mileage out of my military service story. Those morons thought I gave a damn about integrity, justice and doing the right thing. I could care less that Craig let his chief assistant have an affair with a subordinate.

      Ryan. I hear you. Same for me. I owed Craig big time after he helped me with my sister’s situation. I am a bit worried though about the e-mails between Craig and me regarding that. They are private, right? Anyway, the Republican voters in this county are so stupid.

    9. I don’t know who is going to be Worse here Stedman as a Judge or that Crooked First assistant district attorney Chris Larsen I think we are all going to be bent over and Screwed till death by both of them. But the one thing Stedman has going for him is that he don’t have any criminal charges against him as Chris Larsen has had in the Past.

    10. Here is something new to take a look at. In Lancaster, “art” is unedgy, landscapy, and big-eyed Amish kids at play.

      Former mayoral candidate Kevin Ressler when sharing this post by LSJ, wrote this:

      “It would appear Lancaster’s so-called “Renaissance” is more of the Vatican than Roman variety. Beware the thieves who come in the night to take your tax dollars and millions in development handouts. They have not your best interests at heart.

      Oh, and I find their gentrification eminently more offensive than the female body. I still find the designs for the Bulova a modern monstrosity (actually the tired glass design is more a late millennium monstrosity) and I surmise in thirty years we find it as significant an eyesore as what it’s replacing seems now. Alternatively, in thirty years, I still won’t find visions of the female form (nude or otherwise) offensive.”