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    Posted on February 12th, 2018 Becky 34 comments



         Ron Harper, Jr. (Preston) said he will be filing a special petition with the Court of Common Pleas for protection. In a post on his Facebook page he also lists another email exchange with Lancaster County District Attorney Craig Stedman and a screenshot of his post is below.
         He said the emails will be included with his petition. If they are truly from Stedman, and I believe they are, this should be a career-ender for Stedman. No matter how much Harper may have gotten under his skin, there is simply no excuse for Stedman’s actions or words.


    *    Can you imagine the District Attorney of Lancaster County, the chief law enforcement officer of the county, sending this email? This is grade school level harassment and insults!



          Uh, oh! What is going on between Ron Harper, Jr. (now using Preston as a first name) and District Attorney Craig Stedman?
          Stedman has lost his mind! This man has no business being a judge!
    Please check back later today.


    34 responses to “AFTERNOON UPDATE – * SAY WHAT?”

    1. It may be time for someone to take a “medical leave”. How else could that kind of behavior and abuse of power be explained?

    2. I would hire a bodyguard and report this to the Attorney General and Governor.

    3. This is not the WTF? who is posting under “ARRESTED 11 TIMES!” Please stick to one name, commenter!

    4. Are you sure that is an actual email from Stedman? It does not “read” like him at all. He typically is far too careful about what he says. In addition to that it is not well written at all. It just screams “fake”.

    5. Ron Harper is stating it is legitimate. I will see if he will forward it to me.

      There are sides to Stedman that LNP has never revealed. First and foremost – he is an excellent liar.

    6. Oh well. If Ron Harper say’s it’s legit, what else is there?

    7. 🙂 Point taken, Frank. I will do everything I can to verify it one way or the other.

    8. I dont know Mr. Harper but he doesnt strike me as someone who would fabricate something that explive or set himself up that way – admitting, in essence, illegal drug use, trashing himself for his home being forclosed or being unemployed, etc. But who knows. I will say ai was shocked to see a handwritten scrawled note taped to the window (bullet proof glass) of the d-a’s office several weeks ago while running an errand in the courthouse (law library). It said something about only “legitimate” journalists could leave a message. ai found it very childish.

    9. Actually, if that is fake, ron could be charged w/impersonatinga leo. either way SOMEONE has lost it.

    10. Stedman hates Harper and wouldn’t walk across the street to help him if Harper fell into traffic.

      Considering the fact that this DA and the LPD bungled the whole hacked emails etc. and used the flimsy excuse of “it’s in his wife’s name and we can’t pinpoint if it’s him who hacked you” to allow a child predator and harasser and stalker overseen by the probation unit that oversees the mentally ill, it’s not farfetched to say that he would turn his back on Harper.

      The F&M “arrest” of Harper and the subsequent refusal of the LPD to do anything shows again and again the target that Ron has on his back.

      Lancaster is a shit hole with corrupt, porn hiring people at the top and a corrupt police, political, and Peyton Place DA’s office. People give you a hard time about not living there, Becky. I’d say you are the smart one.

      Sending detectives to his home is cheezeball intimidation tactics. They have no official appearance or identification. Perhaps Stedman forgets that the Castle Doctrine is in effect.

      And if Stedman is going to throw stones about foreclosed homes, perhaps he doesn’t realize that his little Larsen is quite a big adulterous target himself.

    11. I hope someone gets to the truth before Stedman. If this is legit, it is a career ender for a judicial hopeful (lack of discretion), an embarassment to those who nominated him, and is a statewide story in light of his superior court run. this cant be real. can it? also, if there is one, there are more.

    12. what hacked emails?

    13. The hacked emails were Harpers and they were hacked by convicted stalker (and now my personal stalker) Steven Markle.


    14. I posted on the 11 charges article not this one. Maybe someone doesn’t realize wtf? Is already being used. Common expression..

    15. I noted that and asked the other commenter to stick to one name and not “WTF?” as it is taken!

    16. I have zero doubt that this is real regarding Harper’s posting of Stedman’s response.

      One thing about Ron is that he is certainly not everyone’s cup of tea but you can be very sure that he would not post this unless it were factual.

      April Fool’s Day is still far off…

    17. Ron is his own person. I actually think he did some good at one point. I have also been exposed to his more irrational side. He can be completely off the rails. I can’t believe Stedman would respond in that manner. I could be wrong but I think this is manufactured.

    18. The suggestions that Ron Harper manufactured this e-mail chain are preposterous. I have known Ron for a long, long time. While many will disagree with his tactics, he has been the most effective good government advocate Pennsylvania has ever known. He was so good and effective that the PA Senate used him almost exclusively to do opposition research for their key races. They used him both because he was so good and because of his extremely high degree of integrity.

      All the residents of the State of PA and of especially of Lancaster County should be counting their blessings that Ron Harper has stopped a very fragile and unstable man from becoming a judge.

      Thank you Ron.

    19. Anonymous, I respect your perspective and am sure you know Ron better than myself. Ron had a particular issue with me and my family. It was ridiculous. Nothing that he did not believe was acceptable. The whole thing was absurd. I know what I speak of

    20. Just for context I think it would be responsible of Preston to post all of the emails he sent to DA Stedman. Always a benefit to read both sides of story. Please don’t jump to a conclusion I’m defending either side as that’s not true. I would think that journalism requires all the facts, not just one point of view or one set of facts. Up to it Preston?

    21. If I am not mistaken, he was also successful in having one or two mag. court judges thrown off the bench for not living in their districts. He followed them to prove it. He is a character but he is honest. He needs a lawyer from outside Lancaster County, if possible. I am worried about him. Corruption protects corruption until one rises to an honest level. Not sure thats here. But if Stedman wanted to raid his home, why give him a heads up? Very strange. I would be worried about having drugs planted on him.

    22. Harper also exposed the fact that an LNP writer committed voter fraud by voting in both the Pennsylvania national election and (I believe it was) the Maryland national election. He posted photos of voters rolls showing that the guy voted in both on the same day. He also broke the law by using his business/LNP address as his home address. In the hot heat of voter fraud stories that populated the national press, the LNP ignored this fact and never owned up.

      He also uncovered the fact that the guy who was supposedly hired for a MILLION DOLLARS to promote the hotel and convention center did absolutely zero. And when the powers that be were asked about this they laughed it off.

      Yes, Ron can be hyperbolic and over exaggerated about certain issues that he feels strongly about. Legalization of marijuana is one of them. It’s obvious that Stedman monitors his facebook account to know this and also has taken the time to dig into Ron’s financial problems to remark about his home foreclosure.

    23. PS regarding marijuana legalization. If I felt as strongly as Ron does, I would relocate to a more enlightened state such as Colorado and put Pennsylvania behind me. For me, and only me, it’s just not worth fighting a battle that has been won in other places.

      Pa. has, I believe, approved medical marijuana. That is a step forward for folks who believe that it reduces their epilepsy symptoms, pain issues that previously were only receptive to opioids, and other applications that anecdotally are helpful. Israel for example has very liberal laws concerning the usage after years of medical research into the benefits for pain and suffering.

      That is what is so ridiculous about Stedman’s huff and puff bravado regarding raiding Ron’s house to uncover illegal items. In Pa. medical usage is legal and I believe a dispensary is scheduled to open in Columbia Pa. Ron most probably has a medical marijuana card and so busting into his house and arresting him for legal usage is idiotic bloviating.

      Perhaps the DA needs to up his game about knowing what the law is rather than scare tactics that apparently give him a little chuckle in his not so ivory hall office. I can’t forget when Larsen’s wife was all out for exposing him for the creepy behaviors he was acting on and then suddenly she was cowed into silence. I wonder if someone showed up at her front door too?

    24. From a psychiatric point of view, the emails purported to be from a district attorney are full of what is known as projection,and express an infantile and emotional immaturity unsuitable for a public official in such an important authoritarian role. For example, references to having someone be “proud” of ones accomplishments. Nearly every sentence and word could be dissected to its psychological root. Unprofessionalism is the least cause for concern, IMO, if, in fact, these emails were written by someone seeking to be a judge.

    25. I do not have any superior knowledge of anything going on here but I will say this: Craig Stedman has NEVER prosecuted a single cop in his entire tenure as d.a. and when Ray Corll was prosecuted for perjury, he had not ONE SINGLE COMMENT. Period. And all those “citizen journalists” – including this site – were right about Corll. I have every reason to believe Ron Harper and not one single reason to believe Craig Stedman regarding this. So far, his silence is deafening.

    26. If you follow Harper’s facebook page, whenever ever the weed legalization comes up, he talks about it being a freedom and liberty issue. He talks about cops using it as an excuse to violate rights. It wouldn’t surprise me if Stedman tried to set harper up by planting drugs.

    27. EK – it might even go deeper than that. Stedman and Conrad were both running for the DA job. Conrad was probably the best candidate (at the time) for the job. He had some issues but being known as “god’s boy” in the DA’s office didn’t hurt him with the right wing fundamentalist nut job Lancaster GOP committee. BUT…Totaro had had Conrad prosecute that old timer state cop who chased a kid in a stolen car and then fired shots at the child after he bailed out of the car and ran AWAY form the cop through a field. Close to the primary, the now chief county detective showed up in Conrad’s ADA office demanding Conrad withdraw from the race. Stedman truly owes his job to the police.

    28. I like for the psychiatrist to analyze Preston’s emails. Please provide them Preston. It’s undeniable that if a person who has always been considered perfectly rational an emotionally mature is harassed constantly, they may lash out in a way that is normally out if character. You’ve been through this with Markle Becky. Until all Preston’s emails to Stedman are posted, I have no opinion. Not that I think it matters.

    29. Sort of like if some prick had been peppering me with an irritating left jab and I didn’t hit back until I’d finally had enough and flattened him with a right hook and all the paper reported was I knocked some guy out, leaving the public to think I was the aggressor. Context please Preston.

    30. Harper ran a facebook campaign against Stedman last fall. He lost by 5,000 votes statewide. Losing a cushy state judgeship sounds like motivation for Stedman’s rage WTF?

    31. Anonymous – I agree it does go deeper. Stedman did not comment on Corll because the d-a’s office routinely suborns perjured testimony or uses perjured testimony knowing it is perjured to obtain a conviction at any cost, which is not their job description. To accuse a cop of lying opens up a huge can of worms including having to reopen every other conviction that may have been obtained thru tainted testimony. Meanwhile, Ron Harper has every reason in the world to keep his emails private, especially if he is pursuing legal remedies. “Context” is not necessary just so n outsider can reach an opinion that doesnt matter. Ron is not a sworn public servant paid by taxpayers. Even if he had sais, “$@/^& you, you worthles #! $&^#”, there is NO justification for the alleged responses, verbal and non-verbal, attributed to the highest ranking leo in the county. IANAL, but my sage advice to Ron is close down your FB page, do not say another word to anyone, and seek a lawyer outside of Lancaster County IMMEDIATELY.

    32. When it comes to Ron Harper, keep in mid. A busted clock is right twice a day.

    33. Context is only necessary if one is interested in the whole story before forming an opinion. Preston is also a “public person” by his own design. Shouldn’t he want to present the entire dialogue, after all he’s clearly attempting to influence opinions. Context is everything, one side is merely propaganda.

    34. Isn’t the common complaint made against LNP that they often only present one side of a story. I agree with that complaint and have seen it first hand. It disgusts me. So don’t be the pot calling the kettle black.