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**    A month after Shaw-Cannon there was this (click here for, “Police: Man burns American flags honoring veterans outside Lancaster Catholic High School”):
       A man burned several Americans flags honoring veterans that were placed outside Lancaster Catholic High School, police said.
      No one was ever arrested and no one seemed to care. The LNP article states the man was captured on security camera footage but it was never released to the public and there was never another word about it.

*    Krasner, a career defense attorney before he became the city’s top prosecutor last month, said he believed that holding people in jail for days or weeks — or longer — over an inability to pay bail for minor crimes was “imprisonment for poverty.”
From the Philly.com article linked to below.



      Remember then 20-year old Delonte Shaw-Cannon? He was the subject of the October 3, 2017 LNP story, “Man taken into custody at Penn Square monument following reports of an attempt to burn a flag,” (click here).
      Five months later he is still sitting in Lancaster County Prison awaiting a status conference with Judge Merill M. Spahn scheduled for March 29, 2018.
     Yesterday, there was this headline in Philly.com (click here for the article):

      Why has Shaw-Cannon been sitting in jail for five months? Demand answers!
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11 Responses to ** – * REMEMBER DELONTE SHAW-CANNON?

  1. OntheBeachbyNoon says:

    Gregory Bayne was killed when some retard who mans a spy camera for the cops ratted him out for taking a piss in a park. (We could play Can You Top This? all day. lol Sad.

  2. huh? says:

    DBCooper, Lucky for Lilley that he wasn’t falsely imprisoned in Lancaster for injuring a child with a gun. The last guy they did that to they put into the general population and just “happened” to let his fellow inmates know why he was there.

    He was beaten within an inch of his life.

    They id’d him based on the kind of car he drove. Not much else.

    Stalag E. King Street

  3. DBCooper says:

    Becky, If you want to know why Lancaster City doesn’t use cameras to catch anybody, blame it on Manor Township. Google Clark Lilley and Jason Karlow.

  4. barry in winnipeg says:

    Oh my Sweet Lord. Your current President now wants to arm teachers to stop school shootings. According to his own estimate, the number of armed teachers would total more than the sum of all police officers in the US! And his party just cut funds for school security officers. Meanwhile your DA wants to become a Judge. Maybe he should insist that every citizen of Lancaster County must carry a handgun to cut down on crime! He’d get backing from the NRA. Perhaps the Amish could get a waiver and just carry pitchforks. And on it goes in the Keystone State…

  5. Cole’s Law says:

    Thanks, Becky!

  6. Frank Lee says:

    Yeah, yeah, yeah. Where’s your “we-secretly-dined-at” investigative piece?

  7. EK says:

    (Corrected version)
    300 boy scouts and their so-called “leaders” trespassed on private property where no trespassing signs were clearly posted and one of the kids nearly died after he was trapped for 7 hours in a wind tunnel. NOT A SINGLE CHARGE. But Craig Stedman ordered his ada’s to destroy evidence – including no trespassing sign dated 7/13/17 – to prosecute me – a 59 year old woman – for mowing a 10′ x 40′ stretch of grass no one else has mowed in 10-years – on 7/12/17! Craig Stedman is, clearly, a PIG dressed in a lawyer suit. One has to wonder how he got both the Dem AND Rep nomination for a seat on the bench. HE ought to be prosecuted, himself, for all of his cover-ups of REAL crimes since 2008. I have had the pleasure and privelege of covering great district attorneys such as Ron Castille, Lynne Abraham and Janet Reno since 1984, just to name a few. YOU, MR. STEDMAN, ARE NO RON CASTILLE. Elaine Keno

  8. Cole’s Law says:

    Becky, is he still in jail by choice, as the court claimed? Have you heard from any of his family or friends who might shed some light on his situation?

  9. huh? says:

    I haven’t beaten this dead horse in a long time but heck, here goes:

    100,000 bail was set for those two guys who were caught stealing cardboard.

    Can this kid be bailed out?