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    Posted on February 3rd, 2018 Becky 7 comments




         What I find the most shocking and unconscionable from Murse is his failure to protect the basic safety of the public.
         Friday, a week ago, this happened (the story that I link to in LNP has now been overwritten by their one update on Monday that is below):
         And I published the below following LNP’s Monday update to the story (click here):
         These men were inside the “private club” and yet the police have not released their names or a description of these two men! And there have been no arrests so there are two shooters on the loose with a handgun and a rifle who are willing to shoot a man knowing that there are multiple witnesses who could identify them.

    From the police press release. What investigation? Click here.

         No one watches the police in Lancaster. No one holds the police accountable! What does Mayor Sorace say about this non-police work that leaves the public in danger with no answers?

         This has been going on for years and LNP and their “world class journalists” just ignore it and thereby directly put the public at risk for their personal safety every single day. It is unconscionable and it is not “journalism!”



          Tom Murse, now the Managing Editor of LNP and the Caucus (“casting light on Pa. government waste and fraud through relentless, independent investigative reporting”) changed his Twitter profile last year to pictures of the Manheim Township School Board with the slogan “still keeping secrets” (above left). Let’s count the secrets this supposed journalist and liar is keeping from the public!
         To the right is a recent comment posted on the LanCity Connect Facebook page – “secret” number one!

    7 responses to “UPDATED – LET’S COUNT THE SECRETS…”

    1. Nothing in Lancaster is ever a danger to the public. People don’t come to a city where there’s random violence. They want to be assured that the violence is for someone else.

      “Honey, we can go to Lancaster City for hand crafted beer. That shooting wasn’t random”

      “Oh that’s a relief. Who cares then?”

    2. From the police press release:

      Officers were told that there had been a disturbance at a private club located at 407 Pershing Ave. (2) unknown Hispanic males had previously been inside the club earlier that evening.

      Where are their descriptions? How basic is that?

    3. In the meantime, the schmoozefest for the DA is into its third day.

      Anytime two politicians say that their friendship won’t affect their choice for judge… you know that they’ve already chosen him.

      Harkens back to my mom telling me, ‘if someone says “to be honest” at the beginning of a sentence, everything including ‘to be honest’ is going to be a lie.

    4. Exactly the same as Mayor Dick starting his sentences with “quite frankly!” 🙂

    5. Has it been uncovered yet just how MAW Communications were brought to the attention of the city in the first place? Who, what, where, why, how much and how many, Mr. Murse…

    6. Becky. A lawyer who defends child molesters lying? Frankly, the Dickens you say!

    7. 🙂