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     This email in with the subject line, “Adios Charles Hamilton is over and out!” The information has not been independently verified but I will try to do so and thank you for the information and please continue to keep us informed!    

      With all the news this got lost.  Guess who’s unemployed after almost 30 years?  If you guessed Charles Hamilton the guy who was acting sheriff and then ran for that job you would be right.  The guy who won – Chrissy Leppler – is telling everyone if Hamilton won he was gonna fire him so it was payback.  Except Hamilton didn’t have the power to fire him.   Lots of resignations but no room for the guy who worked to try to keep things going.  All political. 
      I talked to someone who pulled the Campaign Finance Reports (didn’t even know what this was but they sure did) and there in  black and white was the person who financed Chrissy Leppler. County Commish Joshua Parsons.  Then there are the Constables who Chrissy said he was going to hire back. They believed him.  Except he can’t and never could now they are getting wind of that.
      This fast campaign had lots of lies going on and it all came from one place.  The other candidate Luis Rodriguez got beaten up too.  Lots of rumors about him were floating around that came from guess where? Word on the street is Rodriquez was already looking for legal reps because of what went down and he has big interest.  Charles H didn’t deserve this.  Not a great leader but good man who just wanted to stay employed.  Real close to retirement.  Lots more garbage here.  This is just the tip.  

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  1. history repeating says:

    So I know nothing about sheriff issues but yes we all hear the rumors. I did feel compelled to share my run ins with Josh because he is a verified snake.
    When I worked at the court house, his little inner circle would even talk about how two faced Josh can be. Mary Anne Gerber was a prime example. Josh would slam Gerber for Josh claiming she left everyday by 11 a.m.
    I have no idea whether this was fact or fiction but it was just nuts because you would see Josh following Mary Anne around like a lost puppy but he was the one who put her down constantly and circulated those rumors that made people think less of her. Yeah I realize these are immature examples but that’s Josh.
    For years he has started rumors and blamed those rumors on others just so there would be drama. I also agree about Hamilton as he was always so nice to everyone. Genuine man with a good heart. Hamilton will live longer being away from that place.

  2. Hunting Cowards says:

    Leppler was used and is still being used by Joshey. I don’t care about Leppler’s personal issues and it’s cruddy to mention his kid. No need for all that. I do care that an office that desperately needs unity is falling apart and everyone knows Joshey created this chaos. I bet all four foot of him gets his kicks by creating so much drama. Talk to the ADA’s and office people that worked with Joshey when he was there. He parades around like some great prosecutor. The dude was average on his best day but usually he was just irrelevant. He acts all buddy buddy with Fetterman but Joshey ran his mouth all the time about how crappy of a prosecutor Fetterman was and how no one will ever make him DA. Sad thing is Fetterman is a good guy but we see what happens to the good guys. As clerk of courts any savings he took credit for he got from the sheriffs office. That’s why Reese hated Joshey because Joshey took credit for things he didn’t do. Pattern much? What Leppler did to Hamilton was horrible but the good news is Karma is disguised as a four foot egomaniac named Joshey and Karma has already set Leppler up to fail. Hamilton and Louie will both be made whole.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Someone should talk to the mother of Leppler’s out of wedlock child about his unpaid debt to the PA State Employee’s Credit Union dating back to around 2009. She also tells an interesting story about a very unseemly car transaction.

    This seems par for the course for many of current and recent county elected officials. Stedman has Larsen who he’s protected in spite of his immoral actions; the Lancaster GOP got right behind disgraced Mark Reese in spite of solid evidence that Reese was a creeper; according to another poster here, Josh Parsons supported Leppler, who appears to have some ongoing issues. And of course, there is the President Judge who was the right hand man of disgraced former PA attorney general Ernie Preate.

    If you’ve lost your moral compass, join the Lancaster County GOP and become an elected official!

  4. huh? says:

    Was it nuts in every neighborhood? Of course FOX news is calling the rioting “celebrating” … hope that the fools did not invade your space.

    • Becky says:

      I’m still trying to recover! 🙂 There were lots of fireworks (and possibly some gunshots) in my neighborhood but that’s all.

  5. barry in winnipeg says:

    On a topic other than bad news…the Eagles flew, and it was destiny over dynasty! Frankly, I didn’t know they were that good, but they were–and are!

  6. Jay says:

    Yep knew that leppler was going to fire Charles Hamilton and hope he seeks a good civil attorney to sue the county.
    And as for the constables they were played from leppler who only thought of himself and he was Never going to give any work back to them so he had lied to all of them and personally they should know that people Lie to them since they hunt Criminals all day long as they got what they deserved no work and it’s there fault for voting and pushing for this crook.
    And until we Elect a Outside person to that office it’s Not going to Change.
    Just as the New Judge being Craig Stedman being appointed to the bench of Black Robes Criminals.

  7. regular reader says:

    I know Hamilton personally and this is a shame. Very good man that got a raw deal. All shaddy republican Lancaster good ole boy politics. The new warrant squad is not working, we need the constables back in place to handle the work load. Not to mention that parsons has been a total disappointment.

  8. Bob Griest says:

    I am retired from the Sheriffs’ Dept. I was involved in the campaign and closely viewed all three campaigns. All I will say is, the voters had a choice of some good outstanding candidates. As for the resignations, I know some of the Deputies who have resigned.
    I would encourage an independant investigation into the Dept. in order to ascertain the employement problems, if any do exist. Please believe me when I say this would only be the beginning!

  9. Hunting Cowards says:

    How about someone do a story on how much turning warrant services over to the sheriffs office saved the county but also made the county? When will Joshey give credit to the guys that saved and made the county money so he can lie and take credit for everything we all know he did not do? I won’t even hate on constables because we do have some good dudes and they did work well with our guys. Some even came to see our boy when he was laid up in the hospital. The constables got equally as played as we did. That’s the story no one is telling. Tell me why Joshey told me and some of my guys that he would be the first to admit he was wrong and that the sheriffs warrant division was a great idea and dude was praising us but then that same dude turns around and tells the constables it is a bad system and he promised them he would give it back to them? Just a few more political favors right? You think we all to dumb to figure out you are playing us all? It was Judge Reinaker that wanted the sheriffs department to run warrants but Joshey played political games and made BS promises to the constables if they got him and his friends elected Joshey would give the constables back the warrants. Joshey has been in office how many years now? All that dude has done is lied and caused further divide when there didn’t need to be one. I won’t even hate on Leppler because I believe he was selected to be Joshey’s scapegoat. Joshey can now blame Leppler when Joshey can’t fulfill the promises he made to so many different people. Deep down Leppler knows his days are limited because Joshey will turn on him like he turns on everyone and I hear Leppler has already been Joshey’s scapegoat for other political BS. LEPPLER ask yourself why people that never had no problems with you all of a sudden hate you? Your boy Joshey placed a lot of blame on you that you don’t even know about! Louie learned the hard way about getting in bed with Joshey and Joshey ain’t no man of his word. Place is a circus. Hamilton cared about everyone and he even sat down with the big boys in politics that actually get things done and Hamilton was working on a Constable compromise. Hamilton even told me to my face that he and Louie would work well together and there would be a place for constables on their team and Hamilton and Louie actually have political clout to get the major players to sign on to a compromise. Once Hamilton was out and Louie was kicked out, the big boys in politics said they won’t compromise with people they don’t respect. Bet Joshey never told the constables that Hamilton was the one who was going to bat for them with the political hats while Joshey was not doing a damn thing because Joshey will never insert himself into anything that can come back negative on him that has to do with money!!! Now if and when Leppler even tries to turn warrants back to constables he will get to deal with the public backlash about money and Joshey will be no where to be found. So done with that place. How about you clowns realize your political BS screws with people’s lives. So many good people have left that place. It’s a damn shame.

  10. WTF? says:

    Please fix sculpture. Should be sculptor.,.spell check made me do it

  11. WTF? says:

    The French should really come drag “Lady Liberty” back to France and have the sculptor redress her with a miniskirt, fishnet stockings, lots of cleavage showing, cigarette dangling from her lips, glass of champagne in her hand, holding out the scales of Justice with a pile of money on one of the pans, the balance tipped completely to that side. Everyone knows one only receives the Justice you can afford.