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    Posted on February 2nd, 2018 Becky 4 comments


         Equal application of the law is enshrined in our constitution. Doing so even when it is a relative of a friend is a test of ones integrity, perhaps the most severe one may face. Stedman failed that test regarding Martin’s sister and Cutler’s BIL IMO. A shame as overall I think he does believe in Justice, just not for all equally. That should be disqualifying….in a perfect world.
    A comment into this site yesterday (BIL stands for brother-in-law).
         This is by no means a perfect world – but the facts are there and they do disqualify Stedman. And they also disqualify LNP as a news organization because they failed to tell the truth and inform the public. But you can tell Governor Wolf.
         From the October 25, 2017 post on this site, “REMOVE STEDMAN FROM OFFICE!” (click here for the original):



    From the front page of today’s LNP print edition (click here to read the “insider” story online).
         What in the world? Why wouldn’t he “stay on?” Ridiculous!
    Please check back later today.


    1. Larsen? Give me a break! How he stepped on his scorned soon-to-be-ex-wife’s Facebook page and mashed her into submission for HIS misdeeds? Good luck women of Lancaster who think that they will get even and equal protection by this guy.

      Can’t wait for the “office” to weigh in like they did before. God, I hope they do

    2. Wasn’t Davis’ preliminary hearing a well-guarded secret (I don’t think anyone even knew his name)? IIRC, Stedman was holding a press conference one morning. It was later learned that Davis’ prelim was at the same time as Stedman’s presser! Because no one knew his name to see his docket, Davis was allowed to conveniently slip in and out of that courtroom unnoticed.

    3. Let’s not forget the whitewashing of police investigations that are also the result of nepotism & favoritism w/in the individually corrupt police epartments. That includes the rubber stamping of many internal affairs investigations, including the coldblooded murder of Gregory Bayne. The only cop I know of prosecuted for anything in Lancaster was Ray Corll, and that’s because Corll’s victim’s lawyer had video and Stedman could not get away with NOT having him prosecuted. Does anyone really think he was the only lying S.O.B. cop in the county? Or that that was his first time? Bullshit.

    4. BTW, The A.G’s office has no contol over law licenses. The disciplinary board of the PA Bar does – and anyone can file a complaint against him. And should.