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    Posted on February 10th, 2018 Becky 20 comments

    *** BREAKING NEWS ***


          This is now beyond ridiculous. This is the lead story at the top of today’s LNP print edition (click here for the “insider” story online). And LNP reporter Lindsey Blest states the sketch helped the police identify the homeless thief.
          Blest fails to mention he has been arrested 11 times in Lancaster County and maybe that’s how a police officer identified him! 
           Click here for his “Court Summary.” What is wrong with these LNP reporters and editors? Are they idiots?


    20 responses to “*** BREAKING NEWS * ARRESTED 11 TIMES!”

    1. LazyNewsPaper can’t be bothered to do any independent research….they totally rely on what is hand-fed them by websites or e-mail, fax and phone calls.

      Too much effort to actually leave the ivory tower.

    2. I can imagine Lancaster city police Lt. Bill Hickey calling LNP Managing editor Tom Murse:

      Tom, Tom, Tom! We’re being ridiculed everywhere. Can you help us out? Can you write an article defending us please? After all we’re looking for a new police chief and we don’t want people to think the department is incompetent.

      Bill, consider it done!

    3. Apparently, besides being arrested 11 times and with a highly “unusual” name, this guy is also well-known as a thief in the community. Posted on the Lancaster City Police Facebook page:

      — Yep cause i turned him in before and had him banned from my place of employment for stealing

      — yesterday, he asked me to give him some money @Viet-My market on Franklin street

    4. The answer to your question: Yes (they are idiots)

    5. It appears to me, given Becky’s due diligence, that police knew who they were looking for, and then had the picture (doodle) drawn.
      It is not only sophomoric, but offensive, in more ways than I am willing to waste my time enumerating.
      It is also quite sad.
      Perhaps the city should be helping this poor man and addressing his needs, rather than making fun of him and criminalizing him.
      Elaine Keno

    6. I would have gladly pled guilty to the summary offense of defiant trespass of which I was found guilty yesterday based upon the perjured testimony of Manor Township Police Officer Clay Smoker, in exchange for assurances that the $10,000.00+ it cost taxpayers to prosecute me and my 100-dollar fine would be used to feed the homeless.

    7. EK – very good point about not making fun nor criminalizing him. The city police have a terrible stain on their hands regarding the case of known homeless man Gregory Bayne who they chased down and murdered on the street in broad daylight like a dog.

    8. Now the world knows what a joke LNP is.

    9. So Elaine, seems you enjoy costing the taxpayers money to prosecute a crime you were guilty of but we’re hoping you wouldn’t have to face Justice for like everyone else if you just made it too expensive for the prosecution. Got it. One of those “difficult people” who feels the law doesn’t apply to them.

    10. BTW Elaine, if someone doesn’t want you on their property, and you insist on disrespecting that wish, I would rather the DA not waste money prosecuting you. Let the property owner rely on the Castle Doctrine. Don’t think you’d be happy with those results either.

    11. WTF, I pled not guilty because I was not guilty and am entitled to due process. I did not expect the d.a.’s office to deliberately spoliate evidence in order to protect a corrupt police chief who is the true waster of taxpayer money. I was accused of trespassing on 7/12/17. The only evidence was a no trespassing sign dated 7/13/17. You are an idiot.

    12. The “difficult person who feels the law doesnt apply to them” would be Manor Township police chief Todd Graeff. Read the PA Ethics Commision report against him. Your vitriol is misplaced.

    13. Spelling rules do apply to me. I meant “commission”. Spelling aand grammatical rules also apply to WTF? I can only conclude “we’re hoping” is a Freudian slip, as is the quotation marks around “difficult people”, when there is nothing to quote from. Huh – I could not agree with you more. Gregory Bayne was, literally, harassed to death by Lancaster City Police. Finally, it bears mentioning that I was charged with three non traffic offenses in connection w/my mowing a 10 x 40 foot stretch of grass that abuts my driveway. The d-a’s office wanted me to plead guilty to two in exchange for dropping the defiant trespass charge. I refused. Representing myself, the judge found me guilty of that least offensive charge, slashed my fine by two-thirds, acquitted me of the second charge, and threw out the third. I refuse to believe he knew the d-a’s office deliberately altered the evidence. The justice system, in this case, worked.

    14. EK, you were found guilty of mowing the wrong lawn?

    15. basically! I wish someone would have told me ten yrs ago because thats how long ive been doing it – the same length of time ive been harassed by todd graeff after handing over his public corruption report to LNP.

    16. Yes Elaine, I find typing on a phone irritating, and autocorrect makes changes I should review. Apogies as I too hate poor grammar. As to your defense, you were found guilty. ‘nough said. You seemed especially proud of how much you cost the taxpayer. It seems in this day and age there are more and more people who don’t seem to realize their rights end precisely where another’s begin. Only you know when your neighbor put you on notice they didn’t want you on their property. Clearly the court ruled you knew at the time you trespassed. Guilty as charged. BTW, what about that criminal mischief charge? Innocent as well?

    17. WTF IS YOUR PROBLEM? I did not cost taxpayers. I dont control how the county spends its budget, that prosecutos chose to go forward while letting violent baby killers and heroin addicted mothers walk, etc. On your best day, you will NEVER win a war of words with me. You are a moron!! As for your castle doctrine – my accuser – a liar and thief just like Todd Graeff – is a mentally ill Amish man with a violent felonious past which bars him from owning weapons. YOU ARE A TYPICAL LANCASTER COUNTY BULLY. F*CK OFF!

    18. As to Greg Bayne, I completely agree. A model developed in Memphis TN would have likely saved Bayne’s life had it been implemented. Crisis Intervention Training is available for LE and according to the DA’s website, at least some Lancaster police had been through the training. Where those officers were the day Bayne was shot I don’t know. Tragic.

    19. Hey…WTF? What part of reading dont you get? She already said it was thrown out.

    20. Anonymous – please stick to one name and stop the childish personal attacks. Your last comment will not be posted.