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    Posted on February 5th, 2018 Becky 4 comments

    FIRED 10-12 SHOTS!

    Harrys Dionicio-Gomez

         The police have finally released more information and a photo of one of the shooters from Friday a week ago at a “private club” in the 400 block of Pershing Avenue. Both of the shooters are still on the loose and the story is much more horrific than we were originally told.
         From the updated police press release (click here and if you have any information on Dionicio-Gomez call 911):

    *****NEW INFORMATION 05 FEBRUARY 2018*****

         During the investigation, Detectives were able to speak with the victim. They were told that on 26 January 2018 the victim had removed the suspects from the private club. One of the suspects told the victim that he was going to come back to shoot him. A short time later the same suspect that made the threat returned with a handgun. The suspect attempted to shoot at another person at the club. The victim intervened and the suspect attempted to shoot the victim in the head. The victim sustained powder burns on his face as a result of the gun being discharged so close to his head. 

         The victim stated that during the course of the struggle with the suspect, the suspect discharged the firearm approximately 10-12 times. At least two projectiles from the handgun struck occupied structures, the club at 407 Pershing Ave. and a home on the 100 blk. Locust St., during the struggle. The suspect managed to shoot the victim one time, on his arm. 

         The suspect that shot the victim and discharged the handgun was identified as Harrys Dionicio-Gomez M/33 LKA: 400 blk. E. Strawberry St. Lancaster, PA. The identity of the second suspect is still under investigation.

         Det. Stan Roache filed a Criminal Complaint against Dionicio-Gomez before MDJ Richardson, charging him with (1) Count Criminal Attempt- Homicide (F1), (2) Counts Recklessly Endangering Another Person (M2) and (2) Counts Discharge Firearm Into Occupied Structure (F3). A warrant has been issued for the arrest of Dionicio-Gomez. 




    Posted on Lancaster Online under the article, “Man injured in Lancaster city shooting Sunday; police seeking suspect,” (click here).

         Yes, once again their are multiple Coalition cameras in the area (see the insert from their map below with the blue arrow indicating where the shooting took place).
         Do these cameras work? Why is the public paying for them if they are not being used? Commenters are bringing up the cameras – why isn’t LNP demanding answers managing editor, Tom Murse? This has been going on for years!  




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      “Wasn’t random?”

      “It wasn’t random”

      “So the victim knew the perp?”


      “Then it was like the victim deserved it?”

      “Yes. It was between the shooter and the victim”

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      “Heck yeah! We might even see the mayor”


    2. Lol…Good One.

    3. People cant find Mayor Sorace because the other day when she walked out of City Hall; she saw her shadow.

    4. That was former Mayor Bowtie causing a solar eclipse!!