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  • * 1-14-18 UPDATE – WHY DON’T WE KNOW?

    Posted on January 13th, 2018 Becky 6 comments
    *    The Philadelphia Inquirer ran a very interesting perspective piece recently, “How the news media distorts black families.” (click here).
          From the print edition of Friday’s LNP on page A-6 below, the story about Walmart raising starting wages is accompanied by a picture of two black men; the golf club story is accompanied by a picture of a white man golfing.

    UPDATE 1-14-18


         From the “Determination” by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission attached to the lawsuit:



    **  The below is not an old lawsuit. It was filed on September 10th of 2015. In October of 2014 the EEOC issued a decision which sided with Burgess and opened the door for her suit.
         The case was dismissed on August 24th, 2016 because a settlement between the parties had been reached. I hope to find out how much the county paid.
         I found this case “by accident.” It is absolutely shocking that this went on and the public has no knowledge of it. Absolutely shocking. Why wasn’t the public informed?

    [Editor’s note: As noted by a commenter, I believe Donald E. Shoffstall is repeatedly misspelled in the lawsuit. The lawsuit early on also states that he is “now deceased.”]



                             Randall Wenger                            Bailey Tshudy




    6 responses to “* 1-14-18 UPDATE – WHY DON’T WE KNOW?”

    1. I think that one name is repeatedly spelled wrong in this suit.

      If the man is around age seventy, it would be Donald Shoffstall. Two L’s rather than HL

    2. I believe you are correct. And early in the suit they state he is deceased.

    3. And then why is Randall Wenger Still Employed by the County of Lancaster?
      Answer he is a Puppet of the Republican Party of some higher ups and the only reason he is still at the Election Board is because he Lost as a post for District Justice in Lititz and he begged to be kept on as an employees of the county and this happens?

    4. It’s interesting, to say the least, to see which discrimination cases are written about over and over at the LNP and which ones are ignored.

      Even have their new golden boy writing about Reese’s situation – but zero mention of this ugly little incident.

    5. I wonder how much the city paid to settle this. Anybody know?

    6. Interesting addendum to yesterday’s posts. Her concerns and complaints led to her being frozen out. This is such typical behavior perpetrated to force someone to quit. And I’ll bet that every action and job requirement was scrutinized to the nth degree after that.

      BTW, Shoffstall was a graduate of Manheim Twp. HS. Another stellar example.