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    Posted on January 5th, 2018 Becky 6 comments

     —   It is cold and I also have one. Be warm and safe and please check back tomorrow!


          One of the four principles of journalism from the Code of Ethics of the Society of Professional Journalists (click here).

         Where is the truth about MAW Communications and LanCity Connect, LNP? When are you going to inform the public of the truth?
    Please check back later today.


    6 responses to “* WHERE IS THE MONEY MAW & LNP?”

    1. LNP “journalism” should be slanted and not fair. Journalists should not be asking questions, rather accepting the press release and rewriting. There is no room for boat rocking and questioning authority.

    2. Did you happen to see this? I’m not sure if it was reported in the LNP.

    3. barry in winnipeg

      About the (outside) cold which seems to be freaking a lot of Pennsylvanians out, a tip from a Canadian (that’s an unarmed American with government health insurance). Your car battery expends half its power starting your engine. Cold weather lowers its power. So if you experience really cold (double digits below 0 F, you can boost your battery by putting a turned on hazard light with an incandescent bulb on it for an hour or so. Here we plug in our electric block heaters to heat our engine oil. Canceling school because “it’s too cold?” Our rural school division had a policy that we would only cancel school if it was minus 40 with a wind chill (at that temperature both F and C are the same). Our secret–bundle up the kids with mitts and scarves and parkas and ski pants! Rejoice–just eighty some sleeps before Major League baseball resumes!

    4. Barry, Barry, Barry! You just made me colder! 🙁 🙂 🙂 I have cabin fever soooooooooo bad!

    5. Interesting, huh?! WTH?

    6. Seems like no one is concerned that the commercial resources that contribute to the tax base for the school District is shrinking. Which means that the city residents will see their tax bills rise over and over.