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  • ** – * THE CLONE IS IN!

    Posted on January 3rd, 2018 Becky 2 comments

    — Preparing for the storm! LIP News will be back tomorrow. —


    **   Shouldn’t an “internationally acclaimed author and journalist” have more than 4071 twitter followers – especially since Michael Deibert is obviously a prolific tweeter?
         And he tweets about how important journalism is and slams Trump constantly – and yet, he is working for a “news organization,” LNP, that validates Trump’s statements about a dishonest press. And he tweets repeatedly about racial equality and he is working for blatantly racist LNP?
          Does he need the money that badly that he is willing to go against everything he claims to believe in or is something else going on?


    Posted on NewsLanc’s Facebook page under an article stating the city released some of the records requested by Robert Field but not all.

         Can you help, Tom Murse, editor of LNP and “The Caucus?” Can you investigate why they won’t release the documents? Can you help?



    Michael Deibert

         You can watch last night’s mayoral inauguration of Danene Sorace, Rick Gray’s clone, on Tony Dastra’s Facebook page (click here). There is almost no change – Randy Patterson, Charlotte Katzenmoyer and Patrick Hopkins are still in. Pat Brogan will be out in March and Matt Johnson will take her place as chief of staff. Cheryl Holland-Jones was voted in to remain as the city treasurer.
         Three new council members were sworn in and James Reichenbach (Mr. “thank you” and “plight of the tuk tuk”) was voted in as council president.
         In the next week I will be filing Right-to-Know requests for the amount of money the city has spent on the D.C. law firm they hired to “fight” PP&L and also the Lancaster firm representing the city against Robert Field of NewsLanc who requested documents regarding the city and the CRIZ award to LNP and High Industries for their Marriott Hotel expansion.


          And who is the law firm of Prince Law Offices P.C. who represented MAW Communications in the December 12th hearing before a judge in Allentown? Unbelievably, they still have a Right-to-Know case against the city of Lancaster and it has to do with guns! And apparently the Lancaster Police think it’s okay for a bar owner to fire a shot in a crowded bar on New Years eve! Imagine that? Oh, and attorney Joshua Prince won a case against D.A. Craig Stedman in the Superior Court of PA! The irony!
           And is author Michael Deibert a legend in his own mind? Why is he employed by LNP as an “investigative reporter?” Hmmm…
    Please check back later today.


    2 responses to “** – * THE CLONE IS IN!”

    1. A big improvement is bouncing Mr. Brogan out.

    2. Deibert may well be a legend in his own mind. Friend of mine who is a professor of journalism at Columbia in NY has never heard of him.