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    Posted on January 12th, 2018 Becky 1 comment


          There are a lot of questions this rainy Friday afternoon and two of the big ones are:
    —  Is The Caucus still being published by LNP? Its one year anniversary was the first week in January and their Twitter account and those of the reporters have been basically quiet about it. A newsstand in Harrisburg told me it was not delivered last Tuesday – the normal day for a new issue of the weekly newspaper to be published. How did LNP expect a print only, very expensive publication to survive in 2017/18?
    —  Is “investigative reporter” Susan Baldrige still employed by LNP? Her name has been removed from their “Contact Us” tab and there’s been nothing in writing from her in several weeks. William Murry’s lawsuit against LNP has been zeroing in on Baldrige’s emails with John Nodecker, the Manheim Township Superintendent who was removed for sexual misconduct. Hmmm… 
          I will try to get answers to these and other questions in the upcoming days.
    Have a safe and happy Friday!


    **   Speaking of Michael Deibert, remember the below article from the front page of LNP’s print edition on January 3rd? Well, the suit did settle on January 9th! Where is LNP’s coverage? Maybe Deibert is overseas hawking his latest book?
          (The article is online as an “insider” story – click here.)


    *     I enjoy this photo from the editorial board’s interview of Sorace. Look at Barbara Hough Roda’s face as she looks at new “investigative reporter” Michael Deibert. Both she and Suzanne Cassidy (far right) are looking at him as if to say, “You thought this was a real newspaper? Oh, no – this is a greedy, lying, corrupt and racist company run by the Steinman family! We tricked you!”
         The back of the head belongs to “reporter” Jeff Hawkes who should just be totally ashamed of his failure to serve and protect the public.




          LNP does it again (click here for today’s absurd and disgusting editorial about Mayor Danene Sorace)!
         This is just unbelievable! Not a word about the $4.7 million to MAW Communications or the huge settlement with the EPA (which revealed the city was not telling the citizens the truth about the quality of the water) which will cost millions and millions of dollars. 
         The highest and primary obligation of ethical journalism is to serve the public. LNP only serves themselves.
         I have posted two comments which appeared under the original article when LNP “interviewed” Sorace. They later put up a different version of the story as an “insider” article without the two comments.
    Please check back later today.    



    1. Maybe Baldridge investigated herself and found herself a perpetrator and fired herself?

      Or maybe the new brass star fixture Deibert is fixin’ to take over the world.