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    Posted on January 1st, 2018 Becky 13 comments


    *     I received a transcript of an Agreement between PPL Electric and MAW Communications made in a hearing on December 12 before the Honorable Edward D. Reibman in the mail (thank you). It looks legitimate but I will absolutely confirm it tomorrow. Several points from it:
     —  MAW was represented in the hearing leading to the Agreement by attorneys Eric E. Winter and Jeffrey A. Franklin of the law firm of Prince Law Offices P.C. If you recognize that name, there’s a good reason! There will be more on them to follow and your money is being used to pay their bills.
    —-  The “Agreement” reads in part:
         All work will cease pending further approval from PP&L. So that means no new attachments, no splicing work of any kind will be permitted on anything that attaches to a PP&L pole.
         With regard to exigent safety issues, we have agreed that as identified by PP&L, MAW will have two business days to respond with either approval of proposed work for exigent safety issues, or an objection.
          If an objection is provided by MAW, it will be referred to the PUC’s electric safety personnel who will make a kind ombudsman decision on whether or not there is a safety issue that requires the work proposed by PP&L.  PP&L has agreed to consider remediation, as opposed to full removal of facilities, but they retain the discretion to remove regardless of disagreement.
          PP&L has committed to starting to provide feedback on all identified poles by the end of this month, the last business day of this month, the 29th, and intends to provide a full feedback on all identified attachments by January 15th. If weather, or the number of attachments is great enough that they need additional time, they will provide notice and communicate with the other parties in the matter.



          Have mercy! Imagine waking up to a New Year and seeing this on the front page of today’s print LNP?  What Mayor Gray did was give money and more money and more money to LNP!
         Happy New Year and if you have to read this piece of crap, click here!


    13 responses to “* NOT THE WAY TO START A NEW YEAR!”

    1. That picture was provided by our “partners” at MAW. They have it hanging in their break room under a label that says “Our Benefactor”.

    2. 🙂 MAW is really, really taking Lancaster to the bank! 🙁 🙁

    3. Meanwhile, LNP is running full page “ads” saying “TRUTH WELL TOLD!” What liars!

    4. And there are serious safety issues and LNP has not informed the public!!! OMG!

    5. Greek Mafia Controls

      Funny now LNP is silent about the gunfire inside Catalinas on Orange last night. I guess there is a negative news blackout on the businesses in the crown jewel section of the city.

    6. Were you there?

    7. Yes. Did not see the shooter. A comment was made somewhere that the shooter was one of the owners.

    8. Wow!

    9. “Lancaster County, PA and Global Emergency Alerts and News” Facebook page posted 16 hours ago:

      Getting word that there was a shooting at Catalina’s on Orange.

    10. And once all police communication is encrypted, even less info on these types of situations will be made known. Lancaster will only get what police and​ the DA deem is permissible.

      Lots more covering up and​ protection for the privileged.

    11. Pretty amazing you can fire a weapon in a packed nightclub full of people, have a full police response, and not a single peep makes the news. Who is Pagan paying off?

    12. Who is Pagan?

    13. This is who Pagan is:

      Catalina’s on Orange is owned by Dennis Pagan, whose brothers Louis and Wayne will oversee day-to-day operations. The new restaurant is named for their late mother.

      Catalina’s on Orange to open this month in downtown Lancaster